Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 3 February 2017 Episode Written Updates Tanuja Beats Goons Rishi Wakes Up

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 3 February 2017 Episode Written Updates Tanuja Beats Goons Rishi Wakes Up :- Tanuja cries as the goons catches her and makes her hostage again Rishi is tensed as he thinks firstly Tanu left him then Tanuja also he wonders where she is right now. Goons tried to make her unconscious by using chloroform and she was struggling with them screaming Rishi hears her voice watches Tanuja in the car beside him gets out of the car tells driver that now he will drive you leave the controls he stops the car alongside her and thinks about his promise of always protecting her. Tanuja recalls the temple lady words that Rishi will face death because of her if she marries him.

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Rishi changes his path and brings the car from front of goons, flashing his headlights into their eyes. He comes to beat each of them. Tanuja laughs and gets out of the car. Rishi pushes the goon out and beats him hard for touching his wife. They successfully flee from goons and hide behind a huge stone. The goons arrive looking behind them, Rishi assures nothing will happen to Tanuja when they hear a man holding gun towards Rishi. He drags Rishi and Tanuja outside. Both were parted.

Rishi finally opens his arms for Tanuja, she runs into a hug with him. Rishi’s arm aches at once, but he assures nothing can happen to him when they are together. Tanuja ties her dupatta over his injured arm and holds him up to leave as he was nearly fainting. She helps him with his arm over the shoulder, but one of the goons wake up by then. He holds a nearby fallen gun and calls from behind. Tanuja was afraid.

Tanuja tries to make Rishi wake up by spilling water on his face suddenly goons arrived there they started leaughing Tanuja begs in front of them they have not listened to her she picks up the Mata Trishul and beats them all one by one they ran away Rishi wakes up he says that Tanuja I Love You and from now on I am all yours and you are mine they both got happy.

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