Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 14 December 2016 Episode Written Updates Raj Slaps Rishi at Court

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 14 December 2016 Episode Written Updates Raj Slaps Rishi at Court :- Tanuja signs the divorce papers and says that she will now leave Rishi forever he asks her have’nt she felt for him ever she went away without saying anything Raj calls Rishi and gave her advice that he should give her marriage with Tanuja sometime as everything will get alright soon. Malaika and Rano rejoices their victory and Divia says now she will have a sister-in-law of high standard not like that Tanuja who was cheap.


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Next morning Rishi comes looking for Tanuja he finds her sleeping on the couch and wakes her up as they have a hearing for divorce case in the court Rishi asks if she accepts all these blames over herself and this divorce is with their mutual consent. He was sure Mr. Mehra would get their divorce finalized. Rano comes cheerfully after hearing their conversation and takes Rishi to have breakfast.

Tanuja walks upstairs, while looking towards Rishi. Rishi also turns to look at her. Rano calls Rishi for breakfast. In the office Mr. Mehra was speaking on call he was sure he is the best lawyer for divorce Rishi and Tanuja arrive at his office, and says on call he would tell a few games he needs to play with his wife. He offers Rishi a seat, and tells him that their judge Mr. Kataria hates girls who betray their husbands. They shouldn’t expect any mercy after what Tanuja did to him, he is sure to get them divorced and needs Rishi to get the sweets ready.

With weeps eyes Tanuja looks towards Rishi. Mr. Mehra offers her a glass of water, then confirms if she is ready for divorce. She needs to tell the court this divorce is with their mutual understanding, and reconfirms if all the papers have been submitted. He tells them to come after two minutes.

Rishi and Tanuja finds Raj at the court they ask him why he’s here he says he came her for some case related work then he asks Rishi why they both came there is everything alright Rishi stays quiet he asks him to speak up then finally Rishi tells Raj that he and Tanuja came here to take divorce hearing which Raj gave a tight slap to Rishi at court.

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