Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 13 December 2016 Episode Written Updates Rishi Sees Raj Outside Court

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 13 December 2016 Episode Written Updates Rishi Sees Raj Outside Court :- Rishi throws a grand party on Beeji birthday but he gets a shock when Rano Malaika shows him reports about Tanuja pregnancy he tells Tanuja to pack her bags and go back to the filthy place where she came from Rishi signs the divorce papers and asks Tanuja to sign them too she agrees and signs them. Raj talks to Rishi online through video chat he notices him going through tension he advices Rishi to give his marriage with Tanuja another chance as she is the perfect girl for him.


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Rishi turns towards Rano while Tanuja still looked hopeful. Rishi takes the papers and does the signatures. Tanuja cries recalling their wedding. Rishi hands the divorce papers to Rano, Malaika comes to recheck the papers, as every time something is left undone. Rishi looks towards Rano saying he proved and walks upstairs. Manpreet was saddened. Malaika hugs Rano that all papers are signed, Rano says now no one can snatch her right anymore. There is no question of someone’s stay here. Tanuja walks away. Divia comes to congratulate Rano, saying now her daughter in law would be her class and standard.

Rano was happy that she got rid of this name. Malaika thinks Rishi would now have to see her face, and would fall in love with it eventually. Tanuja comes to terrace, while Rishi looks at the moon from his room. Rishi remembers childhood Tannu. He speaks to the moon, that it is the witness of his life, then why he is saddened at heart. Tanuja cries, remembering about Rishi’s demand for divorce. Rishi says no, he doesn’t want Tanuja to sign the papers; not for a day, a moment. He cries about it, when suddenly his phone rings. Raj scolds Rishi for not taking his call, and inquires about a case on their company. Rishi doesn’t understand, Raj notices the change in Rishi’s voice as if he was crying. Rishi denies, saying he was about to sleep and his voice must have changed. Rishi says he always spies on him these days, and has changed.

Raj laughs that his company of Rano Rishi assures Raj to mail him in a while that he must check Raj tells him to sleep, as Tanuja must also be waiting for him; and reminds him to talk to the lawyer about the case. Rishi thinks he didn’t speak to the lawyer, and makes a call. Rishi asks if he registered his case about divorce. The lawyer says it would take some time, but Rishi asks him to do it urgently by any means. After the call, Rishi cries that he has no time; sometimes even moments are painful and must be ended as soon as possible.

Rishi and Tanuja both went to court for hearing Rishi finds Raj outside the court and gets shocked seeing him there

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