Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 12 December 2016 Episode Written Updates Tanuja Signs Divorce Papers

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 12 December 2016 Episode Written Updates Tanuja Signs Divorce Papers :- Yuvi tells Rishi that Raj is on a video call Rishi comes to Beeji who was talking to Raj online Smiley arrives there and calls Beeji to see off the guests arrived at the party Rishi starts his conversation with Raj online Raj thanks Rishi for celebrating Beeji birthday by throwing a grand party on the occasion. Raj notices that Rishi is in some tension he tells him to give his marriage with Tanuja a chance Rishi gets speechless asks Raj about when he is returning but call disconnected.

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Yuvi arrives there and tries to reconnect the network Rishi thinks this time he can’t provide even a last chance Manpreet tells Ahana that Tanuja should get a single chance to prove her loyalty. In the bedroom Tanuja was crying she spots Rishi’s shirt and holds it Rishi was drinking heavily Manpreet comes to stop Rishi as it’s not good for health Rishi asks what is good for health then if Tanuja good then? Manpreet replies with a yes Rishi gulps another drink, saying Tanuja betrayed him. It was Manpreet who believed she is nice and loves him, she has a soul of Tanu; but she isn’t.

Rishi further says Tanuja is a betrayal from head to toe. Manpreet tells Rishi that he feels bad about her because he loves her. He is sure there is some mistake, else Tanuja isn’t a bad woman. Rishi shows the report to Manpreet, demanding what this is. Manpreet says he has seen the report, but he doesn’t suspect Tanuja but this report. Sometimes, what’s written isn’t true.

Rishi asks Tanuja if she accepted their marriage by heart or she wanted him to be happy for lifetime She nods. He asks if she ever felt to be his reason to smile She nods, while tears fell off her eyes. Rishi asks what she can do to see him happy Tanuja says she can do anything for his happiness. He demands her hand in his. She places hers. He takes her along. Tanuja was left staring at him quizzically. She then asks about the pain in his eyes. Rishi tells her to come along.

Everyone from the family was gathered in the hall. Rishi hands her papers and pen to sign. Tanuja asks what these are. Rishi says these are divorce papers. Everyone was taken aback. Tanuja asks if Rishi really wish she signs the divorce papers then she will and finally Tanuja signs dsivorce papers seeing which both Malaika and Rano gets happy.

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