Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 1 February 2017 Episode Written Updates Tanuja Runs Away Manorama Catches her

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 1 February 2017 Episode Written Updates Tanuja Runs Away Manorama Catches her :- Tanuja was walking alone at the road she finds a lady who gave her soup to drink as she was feeling hungry the lady tells Tanuja she is from a NGO and will definitely help her she gives her a place to stay the lady calls a person and says that she is so beautiful asked for Rs 51 lac for her Tanuja hears the whole talk gets stunned as the lady was trying to sell her.

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The lady politely moves towards Tanuja and says it’s good she had a soup she drags Tanuja inside while Tanuja tries to run outside she calls her men to stop her. The men moves towards Tanuja while the lady holds her hand tight. Tanuja tries to run into a room and bolts the door. The lady calls on Tanuja to open the door, Tanuja calls from inside that she knows well what the woman wants from her.

Tanuja says she has broken her trust, as she trusted her about helping innocent girls. The goons push the door to break the bolt. Tanuja finds a cupboard in the room, she opens the window and climbs downstairs using cloth pieces.

Finally goons have succeeded entering the room. He lady calls Tanuja can’t leave Manorama’s house without her will. They spot Tanuja on the road, Manorama warns his men to bring Tanuja else not return. A goon argues they haven’t yet got the money for Tanuja, the lady warns them to go behind Tanuja and may kill anyone who comes between Tanuja and themselves.

A car stops by Tanuja and take her away in it. Tanuja thanks the men in car for helping her. One of them turns to promise he will take Tanuja to her right place. Tanuja spots Manorama and tells the man in car, she is running away from this same lady. The man smiles, as Tanuja hides herself under the glass. She notices the car had stopped just beside Manorama. The man brings 51 lacs to Manorama instead of 50. Manorama twists Tanuja’s hand and says whenever she gets a girl, she leaves let her lose.

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