Jan 28, 2020

Karamphal Daata Shani 2 February 2017 Wriiten Updates Shani Dev Doubts on Sangya

Karamphal Daata Shani 2 February 2017 Wriiten Updates Shani Dev Doubts on Sangya :- Shani asks Sangya I just want to know why you lied in the hearing are you hiding something she says that Devraj Indra puts pressure on me that he will harm you thats why I lied. Indra Dev thinks of the insult he faced Dev Guru came Indra Dev says go away Dev Guru adviced him to choose the right path othwise you will lose everything. Indra Dev pledges to take revenge from both Sangya and Shani by ruining their lives.

Karamphal Daata Shani Episode 64 Written Updates

Sangya says Indra Dev will still plot. Promise me that you wont fall in any of his trap. You wont accept whatever he says about me. You will trust your mother and not Indra Dev. Shani holds her hand. I don’t even trust Mahadev more than you. I promise you I wont fall in any of Indra Dev’s traps. Devi Sangya smiles and hugs Shani.

Kakol asks Shani why he is here since so long. Shani replies that he is thinking. Kakol asks him what is bothering him. What do you fail to understand? Shani says mother lied in Sabha. She lies only when it concerns me. She accepted that she had to do it to save me from Indra Dev. My gut feeling tells me it isn’t just related to Indra Dev. Something else is bothering her. I have to find out about it.

Dev Vishwakarma thanks Mahadev for thinking about him. Mahadev says I called you here for special reason. The last straw of lie is out of Shani’s life with Chhaya’s exit. But this isn’t the right time for SHani to find out about his mother. You have to make sure it stays a secret. Dev Vishwakarma agrees to do his best to protect the secret. Brahma Dev asks Mahadev why he looks so tensed when it is he who has created Shani. Mahadev replies that if Shani’ powers goes out of control then even I cannot tell you how much havoc it will cause in the entire world.

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