Jamai Raja Final Episode Written Updates 3 March 2017 Kareena Died Mahi Becomes Mother

Jamai Raja Final Episode Written Updates 3 March 2017 Kareena Died Mahi Becomes Mother :- Satya prays to Ganpati Bappa flower falls in his hands he thanks him and gets assured that now nothing wrong will happen Kareena in the disguise of nurse tries to kill Mahi she wakes up sees her screams Satya he came running saw her she ran away Satya chased her but somehow she manages to escape from the hospital. Mahi says she was tempering with her medicines Anupama says Kareena can do anything we can’t trust her. Doctor says these medicines cause blood loss and are very dangerous for a pregnant women I am not sure Kareena is doing this she suggests that she will do a test.

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Kareena sees Mahi picture at her secret place says today you got saved but for how long I will kill every single member of Khurana family even Satya this is how I will get revenge of my mother Shabnam and her soul will rest in peace. Raj gets tensed doctor calls Mahi outside she gave Satya good news that me and both your twins are absolutely fit and fine.

Doctor gave Mahi discharge Satya says so Kareena was behind all this and now I will not allow Kareena black shadow to fall on you and our family. Mittul and Anupama had a funny argument over the arrangements Satya calls inspector and tells him to keep his family safe he also tells guards to be alert all trhe time. Payal says I am very lucky that you and Satya forgives me I promised Riya that I will love you a lot but has failed to do so Satya came there and calms her down says we need to celebrate now and stay happy.

Satya had some romance with Mahi in the bedroom but it gets a bit cute and funny too they were about to kiss but finally Mahi kissed Satya on cheeks and went away. Mahi baby shower starts everyone was happy Kareena came their with veil hiding her face Satya spots her Mahi also gets scared she took out the knife but Satya saves Mahi Kareena ran away Satya chases her again.

While running on the road Kareena had an accident with the truck and she died Satya gets shocked seeing this Payal calls Satya and tells him to come immediately as Mahi condition is critical he rushed to the hospital Doctor says that Mahi condition is critical we have to do operation immediately Mahi operation successfully happened and she gave birth to both boy and a girl they met Mahi everyone gets happy

Ravi Dubey alias Satya thanks the viewers for being with him watching this show for so long he says Goodbye they clicked selfie the end.

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