Jamai Raja Episode 484 Written 17 May 2016 Sid Cancels Deal Ragini Stays

Jamai Raja Episode 484 Written 17 May 2016 Sid Cancels Deal Ragini Stays :- We have seen in the previous episode of Jamai Raja that Sid and Roshni had a bitter face off and then he cries in front of his father and brother in law as he said that Roshni played a bad game with them. Now it will be interesting to watch what will happen next in the Zee TV serial.


Siddharth asks his father why he went to convince Roshni for the settlement he says that he can’t see him in pain and then Sid says that Roshni is dead for him but his father pledges to make them together again.

Ragini asks Kesar chachu to arrange tickets as she is going back to London Neel came and asks Ragini to come as clients were waiting for the meeting. Sid was waiting and she gets shocked seeing him. He immediately cancels the deal and taunts Ragini but Sid’s father came manages situation.

Raj Khurana convices Sid to work with Ragini and also Ragini decides to stay till the deal is done. Next day Sid insults Neel and Ragini again. Outside Mauve’s office Sid saw some protestors protesting outside against Mauve magazine and he gets shocked.

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