Jamai Raja Episode 476 Written 7 May 2016 Sid Anaya Marriage Confusion Neel Face Revealed

Jamai Raja Episode 476 Written 7 May 2016 Sid Anaya Marriage Confusion Neel Face Revealed :- As we have seen in the previous episode of seeason 2 of Jamai Raja how Anaya went to commit suicide but Sid saves her on the other hand Roshni who is now Ragini Desai is residing at one of Khurana’s hotel now it will be interesting to see when she will come face to face with Sid and what will happen thereafter as she has to give answers of a lot of questions to her ex husband read the post further to find out.


Episode 476 of Jamai Raja starts with Sid telling his mom that Anaya has not find a groom yet everyone laughs and then his mom prays to God to make Anaya & Sid a couple. Sid leaves with Anaya to her mothers home but in between Anaya gets scared and then Sid gets out to get sweets for her but on the way Roshni was also there but they have’nt meet again.

Sid and Anaya reaches home and they get a warm welcome from her mother & mami as they by mistake thought that Sid is their new Jamai and Anaya’s husband. Her mother asks Sid to take rest as Anaya’s elder brother Neel is coming.

Anaya’s mother starts doing Aarti of Sid but thali drops and then her mama came and he gets angry and asks servents to pick up the thali as Sid gets shocked because of this new confusion.

Neel arrives at Roshni’s office and shut down’s her laptop as she gets angry

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