Jamai Raja 5 December 2016 Episode Written Details Mahi Arrested for Aleena Murder

Jamai Raja 5 December 2016 Episode Written Details Mahi Arrested for Aleena Murder :- Aleena makes yet another plan to trap Mahi as she arranged a dinner date for her and Satya Payal came and warned Satya regarding this she said that Aleena is gonna do something bad today but he has not trusted her later date begins Satya and Mahi drink wine both fell unconscious Aleena came there asked her goons to take Mahi away then she took Satya to bedroom.


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Aleena puts Satya on bed and was about to kiss him but suddenly he opened his eyes she gets stunned Aleena says Satya I love you he took her outside everyone gets shocked seeing her true colors Satya exposed Aleena in front of everyone then throws her out of the Sen Gupta house. Aleena says I Love You can can’t live without you.

Mahi asked Satya who told you her reality he brings Payal in and says Saasu Mummy saved us today Mahi gets shocked asked him to throw her out he says give her another chance Mahi agrees and tells Payal that you can stay here now but don’t talk to me. Aleena pledges to kill Mahi and take Satya back.

Next morning Gangu Tai says there is a Ganpati Bappa Temple in our basti and I am going to do Pooja for both of you there Mahi says I will go too she gets bumped to Payal and thaali falls from Payal hands which was a bad omen then Mahi went to do Pooja with Gangu Tai but Aleena reaches there and kidnapped her. Satya finds Mahi there was blood all over her body they went to complaint to Police but they arrested her for Aleena murder.

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