Jamai Raja 31 January 2017 Written Updates Kareena Puts Wire in Raj Water

Jamai Raja 31 January 2017 Written Updates Kareena Puts Wire in Raj Water :- Kareena gets jealous seeing Karanvir and Mahi getting romantic so called women rights organization which came and begins shouting slogans against him forcing Mahi to get out of the house calling her a maid but Karanvir ends the drama saying she is his wife they are married it was all a drama Badi Maa tells Kareena to act faint as they got exposed she did exactly that.

Jamai Raja Episode 678 Written Updates

Karanvir came back home in a state of shock with Mahi who starts acting in a childish manner she starts irritating Badi Maa and Kareena doctor gave her injection Karanvir says that he received a call from a stranger she meets an accident Police came and says that its a case now and doubt is on Kareena she gets shocked.

At night Mahi and Karan on bed starts getting romantic it was all their plan they were acting suddenly Kareena came there Mahi started acting again she went to Badi maa says Mahi is acting its their plan they made a plan to expose her they called a fake Baba who was about to put a burning coal in Mahi hands but Karanvir smartly changes hand Badi maa hand gets burned.

Kareena makes another plan to expose Mahi that she is acting she and Badi Maa puts an electric wire in Raj water bucket Kareena throws an airplane in it Mahi went to take it she gets shocked seeing wire in Raj water.

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