Jamai Raja 31 December 2015 Written Updates Sid Celebrates New Year with Roshni Durga Slaps Siddharth

Jamai Raja 31 December 2015 Written Updates Sid Celebrates New Year with Roshni Durga Slaps Siddharth :- As we have all see how Bansi Masi along with Parimal tries her level best to separate Sid from Roshni in Jamai Raja Zee TV’s popular daily soap previous episode but she fails to do so as Roshni has full trust on her husband. But Bansi conspires once again and now Sid has decided to expose her but will he able to or evil will win.


Sid tells Shakuntla that he knows that she is in need for someone special in her life but its her family that is coming between her desires and he will help her. Shakuntla gets happy. Meanwhile Durga tells Sid that she has found a medicine in his room that caused spots on Roshni’s face whole Bansi and family comes there and blames Sid for that.

Bansi says to Durga that I have told you before that your Jamai is not the right person for Roshni to which Roshni replies by saying shut your mouth as she cannot listen a single word against Sid. She doesn’t even know how much he has done for her family and even DD Patel.

Everyone went away and Sid thinks in his mind that he knows that Bansi is behind all this. Bansi plans against Sid again and tempers with electricity wiring Sid sees that and goes to fix it while Roshni was coming downstairs. There was a thread tied with the Chandelier in the living area while Sid was fixing the wiring Chandelier catches fire and drops on Roshni but suddenly Kunal arrives there and saves her. Seeing this Durga takes Roshni away and slaps Sid for the mishap.

At night while Roshni was sleeping Sid kidnaps her from her room and she begs him to leave her as she has not seen his face. He shows his face and she gets happy. They both celebrate New Year 2016 together, cuts cake Sid even gave her a beautiful ring. They also shared some moments of romance.

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