Jamai Raja 30 January 2017 Written Episode Police came to Arrest Kareena

Jamai Raja 30 January 2017 Written Episode Police came to Arrest Kareena :- Satya makes drama of having acidity and Kareena suggests him to go to washroom asking to meet him again in an hour Mahi came wearing a burqa covering her face telling Satya bhai sahab he says that I have indentified you now remove it they both get romantic with each other Kareena watched them from a far place getting jealous swearing to teach them a good lesson.

Jamai Raja Episode 677 Written Updates

Krutika makes Raj have his medicines. Raj smiles. Krutika asks is he happy today? Raj says Mahi…she is like Roshni. Krutika says really…they are like Sid and Roshni. Raj gives her black thread. Krutika says you wants me to tie this thread to Satya/Karan and Mahi, and prays that they shall be protected from evil eye.

Mitul asks Krutika about Anupama/Mum in law. Krutika says may be she went out. Mitul tells that crowd is standing outside their building. Krutika says she doesn’t know. Raj asks Mitul to come near him and asks she visits which doctor? Mitul is surprised. Raj says we have grown old, and our hairs have turned white, but you are same even now. Krutika says dad and laughs. Satya waits for Kareena at the same place and thinks why her number is not connecting.

Kareena looks at him from far and smiles. Satya calls Mahi and tells her that Kareena is not here. Mahi says she will return and goes back to Satya again. Satya calls Krutika and asks if Kareena reached home. Krutika says no. Just then they hear some women telling slogans against Satya and Mahi. Krutika asks what is this? Women tells that Satya is having an affair with his maid although he has a wife. Mum in law/Anupama tells that she knows that this drama will happen. Women tell that maid have to leave. Satya and Mahi also reach there. They hold Mahi’s hand and try to push her out of house.

Satya says truth is that Kareena is not my wife, but Mahi Sen Gupta is my legally wedded wife. All women are shocked. Satya says we were acting so that Kareena’s mental state get better. He asks them to leave. Anupama tells Kareena that Satya has exposed her and asks her to act and faint. She faints. Satya asks Mahi to go and makes Kareena lie down on sofa.

Mahi with a severe head injury starts acting in a childish manner Doctor gives her injection. Inspector comes and asks who is Kareena. Kareena says she is Kareena. Inspector says this is Police case, and you are the one who have kicked her out of house before her accident. Kareena gets shocked.

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