Jamai Raja 26 February 2016 Written Updates Shabnam Gets Pranked Sid Plan Successful

Jamai Raja 26 February 2016 Written Updates Shabnam Gets Pranked Sid Plan Successful :- In the much watched Zee TV channel serial ‘Jamai Raja’ the table have just got turned as Sid, DD and Roshni were seen playing a trick on Shabnam to get her out of the Patel house but it is yet to be seen that whether they will get successful in their mission or not as the show is getting interesting with every passing episode.


Shabnam was seen fighting with Resham and eventually she gets shocked seeing her messed up face in the mirror after which she went to doctor (Pintu) and asks for the cure to which he tells her that she needs a bone marrow from someone of her blood relation and Shabnam went to Roshni asking for bone marrow to which she refuses and laughs.

In the night while sleeping Shabnam kidnaps Roshni with the help of some of her goons the person they kidnapped turned out to be Resham chachi after which she gets slapped by her. Shabnam gets tricked by Sid and Roshni after which she went to lawyer to get her assets and property but she finds out that she acquires nothing.

Sid asks Shabnam that he promise her that Roshni will give her bone marrow to her but in return she has to leave their life forever to which Shabnam agrees by signing the contract.

Doctor Pintu injects Shabnam after which she gets unconscious and when she wakes up she finds that everyone is gone and she gets pranked by Sid and Roshni.

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