Jamai Raja 23 February 2016 Written Updates Jyoti Tai Truth Revealed Shabnam Manipulates Police

Jamai Raja 23 February 2016 Written Updates Jyoti Tai Truth Revealed Shabnam Manipulates Police :- The good days are about to come in Jamai Raja as we have seen in the popular Zee TV’s daily soap how Sid traps Kunal and whole Bansi family after which they all got arrested by police but Shabnam escaped what will happen next we will bring you all the exclusive details about that.


Roshni starts flirting with Jyoti Tai alias Sid when he is getting ready for their plan next step meanwhile Kesar came and got scared as he thinks that its a ghost in front of him and a funny scene happened. Roshni and Jyoti Tai went to police station and Shabnam secretly follows them and stops their car by lying in front of it.

Shabnam tries to kidnap Roshni but Sid saves her but in the scuffle his wig fell down and his Jyoti Tai secret came in front of her. Sid saves Roshni but Shabnam manages to escape from them by putting dust in their eyes.

Sid tells Roshni and DD that they cannot relax as Shabnam will definitely strike again and suddenly Shabnam came. DD tells her to get out but she says that she will stay here as Shabnam calls the police and tells them that the Doctor who was treating her actually blackmailed her to do all this. She tells that he had taken some inappropriate images of her and shows them those pictures.

Siddharth tells Inspector that she is lying but she also shows them a confession note of the doctor and police tells them that they cannot arrest her until the doctor gets caught. DD tells Shabnam that she will not allow her to stay here but she tells her that she will drag her to court as she has married her father in her house.

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