Jamai Raja 2 February 2017 Written Updates Kareena Takes Satya Measurements

Jamai Raja 2 February 2017 Written Updates Kareena Takes Satya Measurements :- The episode starts with Kareena telling Satya that you will not be able to find any clue this time around and warns him don’t try to be oversmart with me if because of your oversmartness something bad happens to Mahi then you will never be able to forgive yourself. Mahi was tied in the secrret place she tried to call Satya by taking the phone but instead of Satya Mittul picked up the phone but before Mahi can speak up goon came and snatches phone from her.

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Tailor master tried to get Satya measurement he was not getting up Kareena takes measuring tape from him tells him to go outside Kareena takes Satya measurements getting cozy with him in a sexy manner Kareena says what happened you are not making any efforts its seems that you have fallen in love with me.

Satya says that I love Mahi a lot and if to save her I have to accept you than I am ready for it Kareena keeps on loving him he tries to take the phone. Kritika tells Raj you know Kareena has cheated us he tries to tell her where Mahi is Anupama hears the whole conversation from outside.

Satya tries to search in Kareena phone where Mahi is Kareena came from behind takes phone from him tells him that I know you are very much concerned about Mahi I will show you where she is Kareena shows him video of Mahi being tied up Satya says if anything happens to Mahi than I will not leave you Kareena tells him even I want you never leave me always remain close to me.

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