Jamai Raja 14 December 2016 Episode Written Details Aleena Shoots Satya Survives

Jamai Raja 14 December 2016 Episode Written Details Aleena Shoots Satya Survives :- Aleena sits in mandap marriage rituals starts Mahi tied their knot Payal somehow manages to escape from the goons and went to Police station she informs them and takes them there Pandit Ji starts chanting the mantras and then Satya was about to fill sindoor in Aleena maang suddenly Payal shouts stop and Police came there they say Mrs Aleena you are arrested everyone had a sigh of relief.


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In a state of shock Aleena says that I got married to Satya he’s my husband Pandit Ji chant the mantras ask him Pandit was fake he says I did drama then she says that Satya Mahi divorced each other she shows them the papers but on the papers there were signatures of some other names as they have fooled her.

Police took Aleena with them but before going she warned Satya that I will come back and will not leave you. In the mid way Aleena manages to escape from the cops they called Payal and informed her about this she tells Satya and Mahi we have to leave this place asap my friend has a cottage in Goa we will go there.

Satya and Mahi leaves for Goa with Payal on the way some problem happened in the car Satya opens the bonnet to check Aleena was there in it she shoots Satya seeing which Mahi screams Satya got safe he closes the bonnet and ran away from there Aleena chased them.

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