Jamai Raja 13 December 2016 Episode Written Details Police Stops Satya Aleena Marriage

Jamai Raja 13 December 2016 Episode Written Details Police Stops Satya Aleena Marriage :- Satya in order to expose Aleena in front of police takes her recording on a spy pen camera and ran away from the garments shop to show it to the cops but to his shock when the recording play it was something else Aleena who gets caught by Mahi and family gets released captives them again Satya reaches there but Payal makes drama in front of police that he’s going through metal stress after losing Mahi and Aleena was not there.


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Aleena threatens Mahi Satya and tells that she was about to kill Naina if they haven’t agreed then She asks Mahi to do their ghatbandhan tomorrow She asks her to go and sleep in kitchen and asks others not to disturb her as she wants to have a beauty sleep so that she can look beautiful to her husband Satya looks on. In the night, Payal sees goon standing and tell other that the goon is unconscious Goon tries to wake up other goon Mitul comes to Mahi and asks her to wake up as Satya is waiting for her in terrace.

Mahi comes to terrace Satya asks if she thought he will marry Aleena? Mahi says she knows that he is an actor and will act She says Aleena will kill someone. Satya says I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and says just remember that I have only your name written on my heart. Mahi gets emotional Payal gets emotional seeing them.

Next day in the morning Goons come to Aleena’s room and open the door Aleena asks why did you wake me up so early in the morning Goon tells that Satya escaped from here Aleena threatens everyone asking where is Satya.They hear car sound. Payal tells Satya that she has no option than this to stop the marriage Aleena asks goon to shoot. Goon shoots on the car’s tyre, and car stops. Payal and Satya are shocked. Goons brings Satya and Payal inside. Mahi asks Satya if he is fine. Aleena pushes her and asks goons to tie everyone except Mahi as she has to sign on the divorce papers.

Forcefully Aleena makes Satya and Mahi signs divorce papers then she tells Mahi to prepare her for the wedding as she wants to look beautiful for her husband she makes her agree somehow Payal comes to Police station and tells them everything Pandit ji asks someone to do ghatbandhan Payal comes home with Police and stops the marriage Aleena gets shocked.

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