Jamai Raja 12 December 2016 Episode Written Details Satya Mahi Signs Divorce Papers

Jamai Raja 12 December 2016 Episode Written Details Satya Mahi Signs Divorce Papers :- Satya and Payal manages to get Mahi escape from the police custody and they found shelter in a secret place later at night police reached there and says come out as we have trapped you from everywhere they tried to run away but finally after so much of efforts police catches Mahi and takes her away. Next morning Satya and Payal finds out that Mahi is not in police station and cops are finding her they get shocked.


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From Sen Gupta house Satya and Payal received a call and they both rushed there they got shocked seeing Aleena putting Mahi on gun point there and her goons put everyone hostage Aleena says Satya say you will marry me otherwise I will shoot Mahi Satya says ok I will marry you. Later Satya makes a plan and says everyone do whatever Aleena says as she is my to be wife.

Aleena and Satya went to shopping Satya took a recording of her on a spy cam pen and went to show it to police but there’s nothing in there he gets shocked Satya reached at home back with police but everyone did drama as Satya going through mental stress as Aleena was holding Mahi captive. Payal took Satya and tries to escape with him in car but Aleena shoot from behind.

After that Aleena tells Satya to sign divorce papers he signs then she tells Mahi to do the same Mahi also signs divorce papers Aleena says I will not marry someone else husband I want to make Satya completely mine she tells Mahi to make her ready for her marriage with Satya today.

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