Jamai Raja 1 January 2016 Written Updates Sid Becomes Sadhu Baba Bansi Gets Insulted

Jamai Raja 1 January 2016 Written Updates Sid Becomes Sadhu Baba Bansi Gets Insulted :- We have seen how Sid decides to take revenge from Bansi and family as they were trying their best to make Durga Devi believe that Siddharth is not the right person for Roshni. Now he will turn into a Saint and gave them a taste of their own medicine and it will be very interesting to see what will happen thereafter.



Bansi doing Puja in the Mandir and suddenly Durga comes and asks Roshni where is Sid and she said that he has gone out of station for two days for some business purpose. Sid comes as a Sadhu with his father and tells that his name is Bullet Baba and he came all the way from Saharanpur to make everything alright.

Durga and Roshni asks him to leave while Bansi tells him to stay as she believes him. Both Sid and his father make fun of Bansi and Parimal as they ask Bansi to sweap the whole house with a broom and he further asks Parimal to take 101 rounds of the swimming pool with bare feet. They also told Kunal to do a headstand.

Sid flirts with Roshni as Sadhu Baba and she gets irritated and goes way after which he laughs. Parimal tells the actual story to Sadhu baba behind the reason why they want separate Sid and Roshni and also secret of Durga Devi. Sadhu Baba alias Sid then tells Bansi to touch Durga’s feet and ask for forgiveness as this is the only solution for her to get rid of all her problems and she does it with a heavy heart.

Sadhu Baba then manipulates Parimal to get drunk and tries to get the truth out of him. He tells him that his Bansi Baa is a very dangerous women and she knows a secret through which Durga Devi will go behind bars and Roshni will hate her forever.

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