Jan 28, 2020

Jamai Raja 1 February 2017 Written Updates Satya Agrees to Marry Kareena

Jamai Raja 1 February 2017 Written Updates Satya Agrees to Marry Kareena :- Kareena and Badi Maa went somewhere Satya and Mahi follows them but they managed to escape Mahi went back home she hears Badi Maa conversation on phone suddenly Kareena hits her from behind she fell unconscious then they both tied her up Kareena calls someone and tells him that she is ready for them come and get her Mahi gets shocked knowing that Kareena and Badi Maa wants to sell her to someone.

Jamai Raja Episode 679 Written Updates

Mahi says my Satya will come and save me, then you will know. Kareena says you are playing game with me, if you would have gone, then this wouldn’t have happened. She asks Anupama to take her to godown and tells that she will get many lovers in Dubai for her white complexion.

Mahi is shocked and calls Raj, Krutika. Raj tries to walk down the stairs. Kareena makes her smell chloroform. She faints. Raj couldn’t do anything. Satya comes home and is fallen on the floor. He asks how did this happen? Raj asks him to save Mahi.

Kareena tells Satya that Mahi is in her custody and asks him to marry her now itself to save Mahi else get ready to lose her forever. Satya is shocked and so much of thinking he finally agrees to marry Kareena she gets happy and tells her that you will get to see Mahi in front of you only when we get married.

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