Ishq Forever Review Rating 1st Day Collection Box Office India Report

Ishq Forever Review Rating 1st Day Collection Box Office India Report :- Featuring newcomer Krishna Chaturvedi in lead role alongside Ruhi Singh, Javed Jaffrey and Lisa Ray Bollywood romantic drama musical film Ishq Forever which has been directed by Sameer Sippy has been at last released in theatres with too much of hype and the film has made a good opening as youngsters have shown too much interest in this venture despite of the fact that it doesn’t have any big faces of the Bollywood industry.


The story plot of this movie is like Ishq Forever, it promises enough twists and turns to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Adding to the freshness of Krishna and Ruhi’s new pairing are the exotic locales of South Africa where director Sameer Sippy has shot this romantic film. Lisa Ray and Jaaved Jaaferi will also be seen together for the first time in the movie.

In Ishq Forever Gaurav (Girish Kumar) is getting married in London with a London wali ladki. A perfect life…well almost! It’s hardly picture perfect as his fiance is a dominating lady. But he is getting married anyway because he is a ‘good boy’. His friends arrive and they set out for a bachelor’s party. Things get too trippy and tipsy and Gaurav ends up waking up next to a girl called Pooja (Navneet Kaur Dhillon) about whom he recollects nothing. Hangover? If only..! Don’t jump the gun yet. He makes Pooja leave immediately so that nobody suspects any ill doing but when she doesn’t get her clothes, Gaurav hands her the same shirt his mother-in-law gifted him for the engagement. Now he has to get it back or he is screwed. Gaurav says that word nearly four times and I think that best explains his and my plight. He manages to find Pooja just in time to get the shirt back but not without some gyaan on how to live life. She not only gives the memory of his last night back but some preaching on how faces can tell about regrets and no regrets. This turns into a symbolic gesture all through the film with camera scanning people’s faces for regret. I wish it had panned towards me too. Gaurav goes back to his engagement with a girl he detests. Four years later, he is a grumpy divorced man angry on everyone while Pooja is getting married. Repeat the same chronology of events in the second half with role reversal and the film is over.

Ishq Forever Star Rating 3.5/5* verdict for Ishq Forever : Well you should definitely give Ishq Forever a try as if you are a fan of Brangelina as Lisa Ray and Javed Jaffrey will remind you of famous Mr & Mrs Smith in this movie. Ruhi Singh has also done a fantastic job and newcomer Krishna Chaturvedi has also performed quite well. It is treat to watch for romantic flicks lovers.

Ishq Forever First Day Collection – Rs 7 crore (approx)

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