Jan 29, 2020

Indian Parliament Canteen Rate List 2015 full – VVIP Feast

While the country is suffering from Global economic crisis MP’s of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are enjoying luxurious means at shocking low rates at Indian Parliament canteen. The price of VVIP Feast that these parliamentarians are enjoying are being paid through subsidy that deducts from the tax government earns from honest Indian citizens. According to a RTI reply Members of Parliament got a total subsidy of Rs 60.7 crores during last five years with normal items like ‘puri sabji’ being sold at 88 per cent subsidised rates which is absolutely surprising and shameful as well.


Indian Parliament Canteen Menu Card 2015 and Rate List

The rates at which our Indian Parliamentarians enjoy luxurious buffet at the Canteen of the Temple of Democracy are as follows :-

Masala Dosa – Rs 6
Curd – Rs 3
Rice Plate – Rs 4
Boiled Vegetables – Rs 5
Biryani – Rs 12
Curd – Rs 3
Veg Soup – Rs 4
Idli Sambhar – Rs 2
Mutton Curry with Bone – Rs 20
Fish Fried with Chips – Rs 25
Mutton Cutlet – Rs 18

The RTI Activist who exposed this VVIP distinction is Subash Kumar Agarwal but its not important who revealed it, the main question is that finally it unveiled and now it will be very interesting to see that whether any action will be taken to change this shameful culture of VVIP treatment by the current BJP Government. Only time will tell.

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