In Pics Top 10 Greatest American WWE Wrestlers Ever

United States of America is a place where real fighters born and these talents compete with each other to entertain the people to the fullest who knows it better than the US people themselves. They put their life on the line not for the sake of money but for the enjoyment of the audience who spent their money to watch them in brawls. There are many fighting sports that are being held in America including Boxing, Judo, Karate, Kung Fu or MMA but the most popular one of them all is Wrestling.

When we talk about professional wrestling the first name that comes in our mind is of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and the most prestigious company has given many great fighters to the sports world till now and they have done full justice with their skills as well.

Here we are providing a list of top 10 WWE American Superstars that company has ever produced checkout :-


The Rock – The most electrifying men in sports entertainment Dwayne the Rock Johnson is from Hayward California. Apart from a wrestler he is also a professional actor and currently known among one of the biggest names of Hollywood industry.


Brock Lesnar – The best Brock Lesnar is one of the most violent superstar WWE had right now. He is from America. he is a professional footballer and he was also known among the top UFC fighters.


Shawn Michaels – The showstopper heart break kid Shawn Michaels also being named among top American wrestlers but now he ‘s retired after his loss against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

John Cena – The best entertainer WWE had right and he is also very much popular because of his relationship with Diva Nikki Bella


Dave Batista – The animal Batista is now retired from the company but still public want to see him making a come back as he is very talented

Hulk Hogan – Hollywood Hulk Hogan is one of the best wrestler WWE ever had as company earns a lot through him and he also entertained the people very much.


John Bradshah Layfield – He is known among one of the richest superstar of WWE and his storyline with Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker are the best ones of his career.


Triple H – Current General Manager of WWE and the boss of authority Hunter has a beautiful wife named Stephanie McMahon. His Wrestlemania fight with The Undertaker is the best one of his career.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – Also known by the name of Texas Rattlesnake this guy is one of the baddest men of WWE ever and whoever messed with him got one hell of a beating.


Big Show – His real name is Paul Donald Wight and lives in Tempa, Florida US. This 7 ft 500 pounds giant is serving the WWE from last 20 years. But now he is all set to retire from the company very soon.

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