Apr 4, 2020

How to Recover & Restore Permanently Deleted Files in Any Windows OS Solution Full Details

How to Recover & Restore Permanently Deleted Files in Any Windows OS Solution Full Details :- Today we will give you all the solution of a very common problem which many regular PC users face in their life as sometimes we delete some of our important documents, data files, softwares and other info from our computer permamently by mistake using (Shift + Delete) keys and then we cry thinking that these files are gone forever as many face huge loses due to this but now there is nothing to worry as we will bring you all the easy solution to recover that data if you use a Windows PC.


As when we press (Shift + Delete) keys then the file doesn’t go Recycle Bin and we think that it is gone forever but thats not the truth as whenever we delete any file using this shortcut the file stays in the location at the hard drive where it was before but your computer removes the address of that location and reserves that place for future to store other file in place of it.

Whenver you did this mistake then immediately stop making any operation and then download a free of cost recovery software we are about tell you :

  • Search for RECUVA on Google
  • Then a page with all the search results will appear
  • Go to filehippo.com link
  • Download the latest version of RECUVA software as its absolutely free
  • Install it on your PC

Note: You are advised to install this software on your PC before the mishap happen otherwise there are chances of your file getting rewrite

Also do not copy any new file in that location from where you important data got deleted othrwise it will become nearly impossible to get restored

Steps to Recover Files using RECUVA

  • Open RECUVA installed on you computer
  • Click on next
  • Click on the file type you want to recover otherwise you can click all files too
  • Select the location of the drive from where you want the file to get recovered
  • In the next step you will get an option of deep scan and if you enable it then you will get the maximum results but its a lengthy process so you better leave this one unchecked
  • Start the recovery process

You will see the file and then click to recover it

Select the location but kerep in mind it should not be the same where the file was saved previous time otherwise it may cause issues

You file will get recovered

Keep reading for more issues regarding troubleshooting

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