Goldberg Brock Lesnar Face to Face WWE RAW 15 November 2016 Pics & Stills with Full Details

Goldberg Brock Lesnar Face to Face WWE RAW 15 November 2016 Pics & Stills with Full Details :- The latest and much awaited episode of WWE Monday Night RAW just happened as it came straight from Keybank Centre in Buffalo, New York where we have witnessed the beast ‘Brock Lesnar’ coming face to face with Goldberg after a long span of 12 years and we will tell you about what has happened when these two powerful monsters met each other in the squared ring in this article further.

General Manager of Monday Night RAW Mick Foley arranged security in the ring they were standing between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg as a wall so nothing bad will happen tonight Advocate of Lesnar ‘Paul Heyman’ started his promo saying that ladies and gentleman my name is but suddenly Goldberg shuts him up then he says tonight its not between me and you Paul but its between Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman ain’t stopped there as putting oil on the fire he made some inappropriate comments regarding Goldberg family suddenly Goldberg tears off his shirt in anger and looking at him Brock Lesnar pushes a guard towards him then Paul says Goldberg after Survivor Series 2016 your son will call Brock Lesnar Daddy.

Goldberg gets extremely angry hearing this from Paul then he started beating the security guards suddenly they all ran from ring Lesnar was watching all this happening from outside but he has not shown the courage to come inside Lesnar rips off his shirt but then when everyone was expecting he will have a brawl with Goldberg now Lesnar backed off.

Brock Lesnar Goldberg Monday Night RAW 15 November 2016 Scans & Images





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