Gods of Egypt Critics Review Rating 1st Day Collection in India Report

Gods of Egypt Critics Review Rating 1st Day Collection in India Report :- Directed by Alex Proyas Hollywood fantasy film featuring ancient Egyptian deities titled ‘Gods of Egypt’ has been finally released in India today and bagging on the great hype which was being created by its previously released promos & trailer in the country this movie has managed to make a fabulous opening at box office India. The film went on screens with both English and Hindi dubbed prints and not only kids but even adults went with too much of excitement to their near by cinema halls in order to watch this movie.


Talking about the story of Gods of Egypt revolves around Egyptian god of darkness Set takes over the throne of the Egyptian empire. A mortal hero, Bek, allies with the Egyptian god Horus in a mission to save the world and to rescue his love.

Gods of Egypt Star Cast

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Horus
Brenton Thwaites as Bek
Chadwick Boseman as Thoth
Elodie Yung as Hathor
Courtney Eaton as Zaya
Rufus Sewell as Urshu
Gerard Butler as Set
Geoffrey Rush as Ra
Bryan Brown as Osiris

Gods of Egypt Positive and Negatives

Positive points of “Gods Of Egypt”

1. The movie will improve your knowledge as far as ancient history is concerned

2. The direction and the screenplay of the movie is just amazing

3. The movie earned huge critical acclaimed.

Negative points of “Gods Of Egypt”

1. The film will be receive huge seriously tough from “Revenant”

2. There is no as such popular faces of Hollywood in the movie “Gods Of Egypt”

3. Being a ancient periodic film “Gods Of Egypt” may need your high thoughts to catch the movie

Gods of Egypt Star Rating 4.5/5*

TaazaUpdates.com verdict for Gods of Egypt : Well after watching the Gods of Egypt we can only say that this movie is a great masterpiece and the special effects that are being used are just awesome. You should not miss this film at any cost.

Gods of Egypt First Day Collection in India – Rs 5.40 crore (approx)

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