GFW TNA IMPACT 30 November 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

GFW TNA IMPACT 30 November 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- Another superb episode of TNA Impact has just been finished where we have seen the beginning of Knockouts Title Tournament as Gail Kim has been retired so the Championship is currently vacant and a lots more happened tonight about which we will give info in the article further.

TNA IMPACT 30 November 2017 Match Card & Results

1. Laurel Van Ness defeated Madison Rayne and KC Spinelli in a triple threat Knockouts Title Tournament match

2. Taiji Ishimori defeated Hakim Zane in a singles match

3. Sami Callihan defeated Randy Myers in a singles match

4. Texano defeated James Storm in a singles match

5. att Sydal defeated Tyson Dux in a singles match

6. Johnny Impact defeated Alberto El Patron in a singles match

TNA IMPACT 30 November 2017 Highlights

1. Laurel Van Ness wins, going to the finals of this mini knockouts title tournament

2. Right after the match between Zane vs Ishimori, Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley attack Ishimori! (These guys were on the losing effort of a 6 man tag a couple weeks back – and it was kind of Konley’s fault.)

3. Backstage, James Storm cuts a promo and he’s super hyped, talking about how he’s THE Cowboy and that when he’s done with Texano, he’s coming for American Top Team.

4. In the LAX club house, Konnan says they have a problem with Sami Callihan and asks Homicide if he’s going to handle it. Homicide says he will. They talk about nasty ways they can take them out and then get their tag titles back.

5. Alberto El Patron is interviewed backstage. He calls Johnny a little kid while he’s a man. The reason he came back to destroy and what better way than kicking Johnny’s ass. After the interview is over, the camera pans over to see KM beating up a random dude and shouting “Is that enough, ATT?” He goes after a couple other guys just standing around too.

6. KM then finds ATT who are making their way to the ring for the next match and they aren’t impressed with him beating up a couple guys.

7. After the match between Storm vs Texano, he is blindsided by Lashley along with the rest of ATT. One of the dudes drinks some of Storm’s beer and spits it at him. (It’s the guy who got the bottle broken over his face a couple weeks ago.) They get Storm into the ring and that guy, who’s wearing a neck brace, asks the rest of them to leave Storm to him and gets a Last Call Superkick! However, the rest of the ATT ambush.

8. Finally, Moose makes his way out with a steel chair. Most of them bail, but one dude stays in to take a chair to the back.

9. Lambert gets on the microphone and says he’s had enough of this. He wants to end it next week. Moose and Storm vs. Lashley and Dan Lambert?? ATT seems to find that move weird.

10. Next week, it will be EC3 vs. Sydal for the Grand Championship.

11. Right after the match between Johnny vs Alberto, Drake nails Alberto with the title and then goes on to attack Johnny. He is about to hit Impact with the title but Johnny fights back. Adonis runs out to take out Impact from behind.

12. As he’s about to nail Johnny with the title as Adonis holds him, Petey Williams runs through the crowd! Code breaker to Drake and then a suicide dive to Adonis! Impact is up and hits a superkick to Drake and then Canadian Destroyer!

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