GFW TNA IMPACT 24 August 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

GFW TNA IMPACT 24 August 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- Tonight the much anticipated event of TNA Impact Wrestling GFW 2017 has happened where we have watched a Gauntlet for the Gold also a New GFW Champion has been crowned Gail Kim had a confrontation with Taryn Terrell and a lot of more interesting things took place about which we will share info in the article further.

Tonight GFW Impact Wrestling 2017 episode begins with a video is shown of Jeff Jarrett getting into it with American Top Team and Dan Lambert. Jame Storm runs in and starts yelling as well.

TNA IMPACT 24 August 2017 Match Card & Results

1. oVe defeated The Heat Seekers in a singles match

2. Eli Drake defeated Eddie Edwards in a singles Gauntlet for the Gold match

TNA IMPACT 24 August 2017 Highlights

1. Earlier today as Bobby Lashley is entering the arena with American Top Team, Jeff Jarrett tries to shake Lambert’s hand. Lambert blows him off.

2. Backstage, Eli Drake and Chris Adonis walk into Jim Cornette’s office. Drake tries to get out of being number one in the Gauntlet for the Gold. Cornette says all of the numbers have been drawn. Cornette tells Drake that if promises to leave him alone he will change Drake’s number. Drake promises. Cornette tells Drake he will enter at number two instead of number one. Drake is livid. Cornett walks away.

3. Terrell says she is upset that Gail ignores her. Gail Kim hits the ring and tries to attack Terrell. JB holds Kim off for some reason.

4. During a black and white video segment, everyone stakes their claim to the GFW Global Championship.

5. Lashley and American Top Team walk into Jim Cornette’s office. Cornette yells at everyone about what happened last week. Cornette says he gives them respect and they jump his guard rail. Cornette and Lambert argue about how Lashley should be used.

6. Grado says she is going to miss the Impact Zone. Unfortunately, Grado has to go home. He is being deported. Grado adds that he has done everything he can to not get deported. Park says he is sorry he couldn’t do more for Grado. Park tells Grado that he loves him and the people do too. Grado lists everything he is going to miss about America… of course, it’s all food. The thing he is going to miss the most is the people in the Impact Zone. Grado says his time is up. A “thank you, Grado” chant breaks out as Park cries in the background. Grado takes a bow and says goodbye. As Grado is about to leave Laurel Van Ness’ music hits.

7. Laurel Van Ness comes to the ring and shit looks AMAZING. She apparently isn’t a hot mess anymore. LVN says the past few weeks have been the happiest of her life. She is a changed woman because of him. LVN asks Grado to marry her. She has a ring and everything. Grado says yes! LVN knocks Grado over kissing him. Kongo Kong comes out on the ramp. Mahabali Shera cuts in front of Kong. Kong walks away.

8. Backstage, Cornette is talking with Eddie Edwards. Cornette says he knows Edwards got a crummy number but Anthem and Cornette would be proud to have Edwards as champ.

9. In the hideout, Konnan takes a tally of all illegal enterprises LAX has going on. Konnan tells Low-Ki to whip everyone’s A$$ tonight.

10. Eli Drake becomes the New GFW Champion

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