Gautam Gulati MTV Big F Episode 8 Written Updates 29 November 2015 Son with Mother’s Friend

Gautam Gulati MTV Big F Episode 8 Written Updates 29 November 2015 Son with Mother’s Friend :- The sizzling MTV India channel latest weekly show Big F which was being hosted by ‘Bigg Boss 8 Winner’ Gautam Gulati is becoming very popular now a days especially among the youngsters between the age of 18-30 years as this series deals with a very controversial topic which are Forbidden Firsts Fantasies.


In this article we will reveal what will happen in the 29 November 2015 episode of MTV Big F with Gautam Gulati which deals with Son affair wiith moms best friend.


Episode Cast & Characters

Aman (Son)
Aman’s Mom
Rajan Sir (Aman’s Maths Teacher)
Maya (Aman’s moms best friend)

Episode 8 of MTV Big F begins with the introduction of a young guy named Aman who was chatting through a fake ID of Varun on Facebook with a older women named Anamika. He has a lot of differences with his divorcee mom and he suspects her of being in a relationship with his maths tution teacher named Rajan.

One day Aman wakes up and he sees a beautiful older women on the side of his bed and her name is Maya. His mom introduces her to Aman and she says that she will stay with them for some days. Soon Aman finds out Maya is actually Anamika with whom he was chatting on Facebook.

He decides to meet her and books a room in a hotel named Amber but Maya finds out about Aman reality and she decides to leave his house but when she comes back to get some of her documents that she left at his place Aman somehow convinces her and finally they pulls of a Big F with each other.

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