Gautam Gulati MTV Big F Episode 7 Written Updates 22 November 2015 Housewife & Flight Pilot

Gautam Gulati MTV Big F Episode 7 Written Updates 22 November 2015 Housewife & Flight Pilot :- The all new MTV weekly TV show Big F with Gautam Gulati is gaining too much of popularity these days as the show is based on a very controversial but sensual concept which deals with Forbidden, Firsts, Fantasies which all of us have but we don’t share them with anyone out of hesitation.


In this post we will tell you what will happen in the 22 November 2015 episode of MTV Big F with Gautam Gulati which deals with extramarital affair.

Episode Cast

Neetha Shetty as Sakshi (Housewife)
Rohit Khandelwal as Flight Pilot

Episode 7 of MTV Big F starts with the introduction of a Banarasi housewife ‘Sakshi’ who is suffering from the stress of an unsuccessful marriage with her husband as he is a high profile personality and doesn’t care about her at all. One day they are travelling from a flight and there she mets a hot hunky guy who is the pilot and becomes friends with her.

After some of their meetings they got too close with each other as Sakshi falls in love with him. She takes the advice from one of her female friend after which she tells him to leave her husband and fulfill her desires by going with the Pilot.

In the end Sakshi chose flight Pilot over her husband after which both of them pulls of a Big F with each other.

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