Gautam Gulati MTV Big F Episode 6 Written Updates 15 November 2015 Sharmishta Roy & Madhurima

Gautam Gulati MTV Big F Episode 6 Written Updates 15 November 2015 Sharmishta Roy & Madhurima :- The all new weekly show of MTV India Channel ‘Big F with Gautam Gulati’ is becoming very popular as this youth oriented series has a fresh concept which has been experimented first time in India and it deals with Forbidden Firsts Fantisies which all of us have but we will hesitation in sharing them with others.


In this post we will tell you what will happen in the 15 November 2015 episode of MTV Big F with Gautam Gulati which deals with Lesbian love.

Episode Cast

Madhura Naik as Madhurima
Aasma Badar as Sharmishta Roy
Aditya Singh Rajput – Ritesh

Episode 6 of MTV Big F begins with the introduction of Sharmishta Roy who is a fashion designer with big aspirations. Her family is finding a guy for her marriage but she says that she doesn’t have interest in any guy.

Sharmishta has a photographer friend named Ritesh and he hires a hot model for their latest photoshoot named Madhurima. After some meeting both Madhurima and Sharmishta become good friends.

Ritesh also strts liking Madhurima and goes on a date with her but eventually Sharmishta reaches there. Both the girls starts dancing when Ritesh was not present.

Eventually there was a kiss between Sharmishta and Madurima and Ritesh saw that and he gets angry.

After sometime everything gets clarified and Madhurima chose Sharmishta over Ritesh after which both the girls pulls of a Big F with each other.

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