Gautam Gulati MTV Big F Episode 12 Written Updates 27 December 2015 Armaan & Ishita

Gautam Gulati MTV Big F Episode 12 Written Updates 27 December 2015 Armaan & Ishita :- There is a great saying that its better to be aware rather than to be ignored and MTV India channel show Big F which was being hosted by Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati deals with the same as this series educates people on various controversial topics. The concept is very different and rare at the same time as it relates with Forbidden Firsts Fantasies which all of us have but we don’t share them with anyone.


In this post we will reveal what will happen in the 27 December 2015 episode of MTV Big F with Gautam Gulati which deals with an interesting affair between a tenant named Armaan with his landlord’s daughter named named Ishita.

Episode Cast

Ishita Chawla
Chawla Ji (Landlord)

Episode 12 of MTV Big F starts with the introduction of a tenant named ‘Armaan’ who ran away from his family after fighting with his father to establish his own business. His landlord ‘Chawla Ji’ has a beautiful conservative daughter named ‘Ishita’ and she has some scars on her face because of an unfortunate accident due of which she always wears a scarf.

Armaan lives with 3 other friend upstairs and they decide to start their own fast food business. Armaan helps Ishita in plumbing and after which she offered him so Biryani made by her. He got too much impressed by her food and offered her partnership but she refuses.

Later Ishita agrees to teach Armaan how to cook Biryani and during this they got too much close to each other. Ishita was on cloud nine and getting ready by applying makeup on her face but suddenly she heard Armaan telling his friends how he used Ishita for his own selfish reasons.

Ishita shows her anger towards Armaan and went away. On the day of delivery of the food Ishita gives Armaan a box filled with Biryani to fulfill the order. Later Armaan hears Chawla Ji grilling his daughter and he gives them a taste of their own medicine.

Ishita got impressed and she wents into Armaan’s room upstairs after which they pulled off a Big F with each other.

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