Fourth Weekend Neerja Collection 23rd & 24th Day Box Office Kamai 4th Sunday Earnings

Fourth Weekend Neerja Collection 23rd & 24th Day Box Office Kamai 4th Sunday Earnings :- Starring Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Azmi in lead roles Bollywood biographical film Neerja is still getting pretty decent audience response at box office as this Ram Madhvani directorial venture is currently running on about 624 screens across India entering into the fourth week and the crowd is showing too much interest in this movie which is very much evident from the massive numbers in which they are going to watch it in theatres.


The Sonam-starrer “Neerja” has made box office income of Rs 121.43 crore worldwide in its three-week run. The film, based on the real-life story of flight attendant Neerja Bhanot, saw a decline in its business in the third week, but overall, the film has put up a good run.

“Neerja” minted Rs 67.65 crore net and Rs 96.64 crore gross income from the domestic box office in 21 days, while the 17-day overseas income of the film is approximately Rs 24.79 crore,

Below are the complete opening 24 days collection figures of Neerja that this movie has generated from Box Office India business till date i.e. 13 Mar 2016 :

Neerja 1st Day Collection – Rs 4.70 crore

Neerja 2nd Day Collection – Rs 7.60 crore

Neerja 3rd Day Collection – Rs 9.71 crore

Neerja 4th Day Collection – Rs 3.70 crore

Neerja 5th Day Collection – Rs 3.41 crore

Neerja 6th Day Collection – Rs 3.14 crore

Neerja 7th Day Collection – Rs 3.06 crore

Neerja 8th Day Collection – Rs 3.15 crore

Neerja 9th Day Collection – Rs 5 crore

Neerja 10th Day Collection – Rs 6.65 crore

Neerja 11th Day Collection – Rs 2.12 crore

Neerja 12th Day Collection – Rs 1.90 crore

Neerja 13th Day Collection – Rs 1.85 crore

Neerja 14th Day Collection – Rs 1.76 crore

Neerja 15th Day Collection – Rs 1.15 crore

Neerja 16th Day Collection – Rs 2.20 crore

Neerja 17th Day Collection – Rs 2.69 crore

Neerja 18th Day Collection – Rs 1.45 crore

Neerja 19th Day Collection – Rs 0.90 crore (approx)

Neerja 20th Day Collection – Rs 0.81 crore (approx)

Neerja 21st Day Collection – Rs 0.70 crore (approx)

Neerja 22nd Day Collection – Rs 0.65 crore (approx)

Neerja 23rd Day Collection – Rs 0.60 crore (approx)

Neerja 24th Day Collection – Rs 0.90 crore (approx)

Neerja Fourth Weekend Collection – Rs 70 crore (approx)

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