Earthquake Again in India and Nepal Strikes at 7.3 on Scale

Mishap has happened once again as Earthquake again strikes in Nepal as well India today on 12th of May 2015 at around 12.40 PM IST . At richter scale it was measured around 7.3 and till now within one hour about six strikes were felt. In India it has effected the Northern states of Delhi, Rajasthan and Bihar. It is the third time that this tragedy has happened and we cannot say that whether its over or not as people are in a lot of fear right now as they don’t known what the future has in store for them.

nepal-earthquake-imageSpeaking about the damage of life and property the information that we are getting is that till now about 30 people were confirmed dead in Nepal while 10 in India. In the city of Dolakha which is located in Nepal about 90% of houses were destroyed. The strikes were also being felt in the Indian Parliament as many MP’s said that they ran out with fear in their mind when the unfortunate happened.

Talking about the figure of injured people as of now if the reports are to be believed about 1000 people were found injured till now which means that very soon we will get to seen a lot more casualities very soon. Only in the city of Kathmandu more then 500 persons got effected by the earthquake. We have our full condolences with the families of those who have lost their special ones.

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