Day 26 Bigg Boss 9 EP 6 November 2015 Yuvika Mandana Fight Puneet Vashist Psycho Avatar

Day 26 Bigg Boss 9 EP 6 November 2015 Yuvika Mandana Fight Puneet Vashist Psycho Avatar :- Well Bigg Boss 9 is a place where anything can happen anytime as we have seen how the new bad boy of the house became the captain in the last episode defeating drama queen Mandama Karimi and we will get to see more drama unfolding in the latest ep about which we will reveal in this article further.


BB9 Episode 6 November 2015 Written

Day 26


Hum bhi hain josh mein.. Sailaro Sailare song plays, Puneet and other inmates dances. Yuvika ask Puneet to shift his bed as she is not able to sleep beside him on her bed, Rochelle says you all can decide what you want but dont disturb me when lights are off, Puneet says i have not come here to sleep, he shouts that i will wake everyone up, he leaves, Kishwar says he started talking after sunlight came in house, Rochelle says but lights were still off, why you are coming in my conversation, Puneet comes back and says Rochelle you are making issue of small thing, we are not here to sleep, its not like Rochelle is sleeping so no one can talk, he says that she is girlfriend of my friend Keith so i am not saying much to her.
Keith says to Punnet that Rochelle sleep for 8hours and here she is getting 7hours sleep so thats why she is getting angry if her sleep is disturbed. Aman says Rochelle get overboard, ask her to calm down bit.

Kishwar says to Rochelle that she is making issue of small thing, Rochelle says i am not here to explain it to everything, Puneet comes and says i can talk whenever i want, Rochelle says to Puneet that Kishwar, Yuvika and others are discussing my matter, dont know why, Kishwar says you are discussing it with Suyyash not us.


Mandana is eating apple, Puneet says an apple a day keep doctor away but if doctor is handsome then keep apple away.
Prince says to Suyyash that Puneet brag about his movies alot as he is star, Kishwar says when he was entering house, i thought who might be coming and when it entered house, it was like its you?


Bigg boss calls Keith in confession room and says emergency has happened outside house, you have to leave house, pack your things in small bag and comeback in confession room.

Keith comes to Rochelle and says i have to leave house, i dont know whats the problem, it maybe something normal also, she ask what happened? he says you dont have to worry, if anything is important then i will send you message, he packs his bags, Rochelle hugs him, Keith leaves house, bigg boss says that Keith has to leave house as his younger brother has passed away.

Suyyash and Prince talk to Rishab about Yuvika, Rishab says i have not come here to find love or friend, i have come here to win, Prince says i like Yuvika and i want her to be in house, Prince says this villain Rishab is nice so he should remain in house.

Rishab ask Mandana to clean carpet, she says carpet is not cleaned everyday so i wont clean. Kishwar says he is asking you to clean living area only, Mandana says i wont, she says to Rishab that if you think that i should clean something then ask me, nobody(pointing Kishwar) should not dictate you, Kishwar says even i do my work, Kishwar says to Rimi that Mandana used to work when she was tied to Keith but now she does only her work.

Prince and Suyyash comes in washroom and says captain is not able to handle everyone, we have to mop now, Mandana comes and says i am not afraid of doing work, she takes mop and leaves to clean lounge.

All are cleaning house, Prince says everyone is doing great work, Mandana says no one can forget the day when your sister(Kishwar) became doggy, Prince says what did you say? she says talk to my hands.

Yuvika is cleaning Keith’s bed and puts his things on Mandana’s bed, Mandana ask her to not put things on her bed, Yuvika says i will clean your bed too, Mandana says dont put things here, Prince says let her do work, Mandana ask him to mind his business, Yuvika abuses her and says i was cleaning everyone’s bed and i was coming to your bed too, you are not princess that i will clean your bed first, Mandana says keep blabbering, she does others work too, Prince ask Mandana to stop bragging about her work and dont taunt him, Yuvika says you are so selfish and fake, you have no manners and respect, Mandana says get lost. Kishwar says to Mandana that you did work after 2weeks today, what you did was your task, she says Mandana is abusing and saying slangs since yesterday, Kishwar abuses her and says we are not fools to listen your abuses, Mandana also says slangs, Suyyash and Kishwar abuses her back which is muted, Yuvika and Prince ask Kishwarr to not give her reaction, she wants that.

Mandana comes in garden, Puneet says to her that they are seasoned television artist, you are princess from outside world, dont get into mess with them, Mandana says i want to go back home, i cant be with these people, Puneet says dont lose hope, you have to win this, i have left 3movies to come here and one of the reason coming here is you, dont cry, Mandana cries.

Mandana talks to Aman and says i wanna say something camera, help me, Aman helps her say in hindi, Mandana says in camera that i wanna says sorry to audience for using abusive words, i did it in anger, i will try to make myself correct, forgive me please, she cries.

Rimi says to Kishwar that when Mandana was coming in kitchen when she was guest, she used to come and says my order is to make that for me and i was like enough of your wishes, i didnt like her comment that she enjoyed alot when Kishwar became dog, Yuvika says she does everything for herself only, Rimi says dont let her gain sympathy, as she is like crying infront of camera to gain sympathy of audience which shouldnt happen.

Bigg boss ask inmates to tell after discussion who three was worst in task. Aman says we lost due to Yuvika, Digi and Rimi so we should give their name, Rochelle says Rishab crossed his line in doggy task so i wanna give his and Rimi’s name, Yuvika says i also told Rishab that he crossed line and i also wanna give his name, Kishwar gives Rishab’s name too, Mandana gives Rimi and Yuvika’s name. Bigg boss says as you people have decided that Rishab, Rimi and Yuvika were worst in task so they will go in double trouble room, Kishwar ask Rishab to think about whole house in room not only himself.
Rishab, Rimi and Mandana comes in double trouble booth. Bigg boss says first option is that if one of you presses the button then other two will sleep without mattress on bed, if two of them presses the button then the one who didnt push button will sleep without mattress, third option is that if all three presses the button then all inmates will have to sleep without mattress while three of them will sleep on beds, fourth option is that if none of them presses the button then all inmates will sleep without mattress, they have 5minutes to decide.

All are watching them on Tv, Rochelle says Mandana seems like not understanding the task, Kishwar says Rimi will press the button as she wont sleep without mattress, Rochelle says no she wont press it. Rimi presses button, bigg boss ask her to leave.

Mandana comes out and says Rimi said she wont press button in any case. Bigg boss says Rishab, Mandana and Rimi pressed button so only they will sleep on beds while all will sleep without mattress, no one will use mattress.


Rishab says to inmates that i am feeling that you all will sleep on floor. Rimi says dont take decision again in double trouble room, Mandana says to Rimi that do what you say, when you said that you wont press button i thought you were serious.


there is one challenge for Puneet and Rishab, task is Maruti glory task, Rishab and Puneet have to serve and make girls happy with their gestures, in end girls will decide in whose car they wanna sit, that will be winner.

As per task, first Rishab and Puneet have to dance to impress girls then they will answer girls questions. In activity area, two cars are there for Rishab and Puneet, inmates come there.
Round 1 starts, Tera hero idhar hai song plays, Rishab dances, he pulls Yuvika, Yuvika joins him and dances with him, Rishab gives her flower, all enjoy it. Besharam song plays, Puneet dances to impress girls, all hoot for him.

Round 2 starts, Rishab and Puneet have to rate girls out of 10 seeing their prettiness. Rishab gives 10 out of 10 to Yuvika as she is single, 9 to Rimi, 8 to Mandana, 7 to Kishwar, 10 to Digi and 8 to Rochelle as his boyfriend is lil bit handsome than him, all laughs. Puneet rates them. he rates Yuvika 8 out of 10, Digi 9, Rochelle 9, Kishwar 7, 8 for Rimi, 10 for Mandana as she is hot.

Round 3 is that Rishab and Puneet have to tell from the girls in house, whom they want to take on date, whom they would marry and whom they would want to forget. Puneet says i would take Mandana on date as things cant go further because she has boyfriend, Mandana laughs, Puneet says i would want to marry Mandana only if we can ignore her boyfriend, he says i would want to forget Kishwar as she was so sweet before this show but as its part of show to fight then she has started fighting with everyone, Kishwar says all wanna fight then what can i do. Yuvika has put flower which Rishab gave on floor, Rishab takes flower back from Yuvika and says you dont care for it, he says i wanna take Mandana on date and i wanna marry Rimi, life would be exciting and i wanna forget Yuvika as she is not my way, Prince takes flower from Rishab and gives it back to Yuvika, all say aww.

Rochelle, Mandana and Yuvika sit in Puneet’s car. Kishwar, Digi and Rimi sit in Rishab’s car, Prince says its tie. Rishab ask Yuvika to come in his car, she doesnt, Digi moves and sit in Puneet’s car so Puneet wins task.


Puneet says to inmates that i dont understand why Digi is always sweet with Rishab, Rochelle says Digi’s parents came to Puneet’s house and asked him to take care of Digi.
Rishab says winning or losing is part of game but all came to know who is real hero which is me, thanks Bigg boss for giving this task.


digi says to Puneet that i am not friends with Rishab, Puneet says if you are not his friend then why did you sit in his car? Digi says i did as forgiveness gesture, Puneet says you wanna become great? you dont have to be sweet with him, he says all will runaway from me, i am devil that no one knows, i am just advising people rightnow but if i start playing then all will be burnt down.


digi says to Prince and Kishwar that Puneet is weird, he said that i can trust him.

Puneet says to Rishab that Digi’s parents came to my house when you made her cook chicken, they were pleading me to take care of her, they thought you would make it difficult for her. Digi says Puneet said that my parents and grand mother would be disappointed as i sat in Rishab’s car, he doesnt know me or my family and saying all this, Suyyash says he is playing with kid’s mind.

Puneet says this girl fool or two faced, you may have said sorry to her genuinely but her parents said that she had to go through turmoil for 3.5years because of spat with you and now with one sorry, she has become fine with you, its like she doesnt care for person who is giving message to her from family.
Digi says Puneet is cracked, he is crazy, he is trying to trap me, i talked to him this time as next time he shouldnt come to me and tell me that i can trust him. Kishwar says he started prediction too that Digi will saved and all.


Aman says to Puneet that i was hoping that some good actor had come in house, i cant interact with these housemates much as they keep fighting on one topic only or they start flirting, they just keep bringing old topics and keep fighting on them, Puneet says just ignore them, i have fallen from my level as i was asked to compete in dance with Rishab. Rishab comes there, Aman says to Rishab and Puneet that task wasnt between you two, task was to see who will sit in which car and who will change her decision and car.

PRECAP – Salman and Soonam Kapoor will celebrate Diwali with inmates. Prince gives heart shape paper to Yuvika and says we used to joke about us being together and in process, i have started liking you in real, Yuvika smiles, he says i am not asking you to take decision here but i will pursue you after show. Prince sit on his knees infront of all and gives flower to Yuvika, he says i like you alot, you look like doll, i would want to make you girlfriend, wife and everything, Yuvika blushes, he hugs her.

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