Jan 27, 2020

Dance India Dance 5 Grand Premiere 12 July 2015 Written Details Salman Khan

The episode begins with all the teams dancing on Jashn E Ishqa then its the time for the first performance that was from Mudassar Ki Mandali Saddam Hussain and Shruti Sinha and they both danced on song Mora Jiya in contemporary style. The dance was very sensual as well as flexible at the same time. They received too much praised from all masters. Salman Khan said that it was more of a action act rather than romantic. He then made some fun of Mudassar Khan while he was giving comments with Mithun Da.


Second performance was from Punit Ke Panthers contestant Haroon Rao he performed on contortion. He also did some steps of Salman Khan Jalwa dance and Dabangg Dabangg steps. Third one was from Gaiti Ke Gangsters and Priya and Sahil came to dance on Tujhko Jo Paya. They received too much of applause and a Kya baat from Mithun Chakraborty.

Priya did some flirting with Salman Khan where she said that he sung a song for her long back and then she told him its O Priya song. Salman Khan than also did some fun with Mithun da remembering some old moments.

Then its the turn of Sadhavi from Punit Ke Panthers and she did Semi Classical all three masters and Salman Khan also praised her a lot. She also got a Grand Salute from Mithun Da. Salman than bids adieu to everyone on song Aaj Ki Party Meri Taraf Se from Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Gaiti then presented her Trumph Card Anila and she said ki yeh mera ekka hai. She danced on Kehte hai khuda ne raabta from Agent Vinod. Lyrical hip hop was her style. Master Mudassar Khan praised her a lot and said that she is a complete lyrical performer.Her co-contestants made fun of her by calling her Anila ni Vanilla.

Next was the turn of Anuradha from Mudassar Ki Mandali and she gave a power packed performance on Ghani Bawari Ho Gye Bollywood style. She received too much of appreciation.

Last performer of the day wasc Shweta from Gaiti Siddiqui team and she danced on Main Tumko Nai Chorugi from Mardaani. She was praised a lot for her hardcore prformance and got a Grand Salute.

Super Life Khitaab – Winner Punit Team – Punit Ke Panthers with Four Grand Salutes

Next week on 18 July 2015 Mudassar KI Mandali and Gaiti Ke Gangsters will battle it out and out of these two teams one contestant will get eliminated from DID Season 5.

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