Jan 30, 2020

Dance India Dance 5 Episode 1 Written Details 27 June 2015

India’s biggest dance reality show is back once again as Dance India Dance Season 5 has begin this Saturday on Zee Tv and this time the competition level is even tougher with judges like Gaiti Siddiqui, Punit Pathak and Mudassar Khan. There is also our very own Disco dancer Mithun Chakraborty who will also be seen in this show. The format of the show is simple as dancers from all across India come to showcase their special talent in various dance forms like Locking and Popping, Lyrical Hip Hop, B-Boying, Kalaripayattu, Paso Doble, Slo-Mo and Aerial. They will be selected by judges panel in the audition and after that they will get a chance to perform in front of the live audience. Only one will become the winner and its your vote which will decide that.

The Episode 1 of DID season 5 begins with the introduction of the show as the biggest dance carnival is back and all of all three new judges, Master Mudassar Khan, Punit Pathak and Gaiti Siddiqui. The auditions first begin at Delhi and the three master will be looking for 3 P’s – Passion, Potential and Perfection. Then comes the first contestant Saniya Jaiswal who is a 22 yrs old chick from Noida. She gave a extremely sexy performance on song Mohabbat Buri Bimari. She got selected. Next one was Haroon Rao from Dehradun. He gave a brilliant performance. Punit Pathak got impressed by him very much and also performed with him on stage. He also got a yes from all three judges and chosen.

Next was the turn of Shruti Sinha she performed on Ranjha Ranjha and she did belly dance. She got a yes from all three masters. Coming performer was Ronika and she danced on Aaj Nachle. She got yes too from the judges. Next participant Hemant performed on Aa Ante Amalapuram the judges started making some fun with him Mudassar gave him his watch, Gaiti gave her credit card while Punit Pathak gave his car key and in the end he got DID Cap too.

After that comes some funny contestants but next comes a rude disgusting ill mannered dancer Alok who offered all three judges a bribe as his father is the biggest builder of Noida. Mudassar throw him out of the show. Then comes his father to fight with the judges and threatened them that he will shut down Dance India Dance. But it was all a joke in the end as it is a prank on master Punit Pathak. Then comes some more comic horror contestants and out of them one got Taqdeer Ki Topi. Up next was a handicapped participant named Sachin Vajpayee. He performed on Bezubaan Kab Se and he got selected.

Stay tunmed with us for more updates of the episode of Dance India Dance Season 5

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