Colors Shani 31 January 2017 Wriiten Updates Sangya to Swear on Shani & Yam

Colors Shani 31 January 2017 Wriiten Updates Sangya to Swear on Shani & Yam :- Indra Dev and Sangya blackmails Chhaya that if she will not do whatever they say then they will reveal her whole truth in front of her son Shani she gets tensed. Shani Dev had an intution that something bad is going to happen as the pebble falls from his hands he rushed to see his mother Chhaya starts getting vanished seeing which Sangya gets scared as what she will do now.

Karamphal Daata Shani Episode 62 Written Updates

While Vanishing suddenly Chhaya stops Sangya taunts her again Chhaya stops to warn her one last time that never let Shani know that Sangya is not his real mother otherwise whole universe is going to be in deep trouble and she also told her you don’t know who Shani actually is and how much powerful he is that she vanished completely.

Mahadev gives a vardhan to Chhaya that even by getting vanished her existence will remain forever and Shani will always be know as her son. Shani Dev reaches there gets happy seeing Sangya he touched her feet to get her blessings Chhya as Shadow came on his head to give him blessings.

Hearing begins Sangya lies that she has not got kidnapped by Indra Dev then Vishwakarma tells her to swear on your son she went to swear on Shani Dev Vishwakarma tells her to swear on both of your sons Yam as well Sangya gets tensed what to do now.

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