Colors Shani 1 February 2017 Wriiten Updates Sangya Speaks Truth Indra Dev Lose Crown

Colors Shani 1 February 2017 Wriiten Updates Sangya Speaks Truth Indra Dev Lose Crown :- Chhaya gets vanished for the well being of her son the hearing starts Sangya went there Surya Dev says tell me whether Indra Dev was behind the conspiracy or not she says no he’s not Vishwakarma tells her to swear on your son she went ahead to swear on Shani Vishwakarma stops her and says swear on both your sons Yam also Sangya gets shocked as she gets trapped in the situation.

Karamphal Daata Shani Episode 63 Written Updates

Dev Vishwakarma reminds Sangya to swear on Yam too. You will lose your son if you lie thinking about Tridev. Devraj thinks Chhaya cannot accept it when he didn’t kidnap her in reality. Devi Sangya speaks truth. I was kidnapped! Devraj is stunned. She blames Devraj for the same. Everyone looks relieved except Devraj. He refuses to accept it.

Shani tells him to calm down. Mata swore keeping Tridev in her mind. You will have to accept your crime. You remember your promise, right? You will have to leave Swarg and your position till your thoughts turn good. Shukracharya and other Gods second Shani. Devraj walks up to Devi Sangya. You lied! Now I have no option left. He goes to Surya Dev. It’s all wrong. I will tell you the truth. Surya Dev tells him to stop. Not another story! Devraj says you don’t know the story which is going on right in front of your eyes since years now!

Devraj Indra says this isn’t Sangya but Chhaya! Shani warns him to be careful. Don’t forget you are referring to Shani’s mother. Devraj says I know that already. He again tells Surya Dev that the lady standing here is surely Shani’s mother but not your wife. She is your wife’s shadow. She is Chhaya. She has been cheating you since years! Shani tells him to think twice before saying anything now.

Finally Devraj Indra failed to prove that he is speaking truth he runs up to the door to escape but in vain. Surya Dev points out that he wont be able to leave without giving his crown. He gestures Narad Muni to get it. Devraj tells him to stay away. I wont give my crown. I am Devraj. You cannot insult me.

Narad Muni removes his crown and walks back to Surya Dev. Devraj looks at them angrily. Surya Dev makes it magically disappear. You are not Devraj anymore. You are banished from Dev Loka as your punishment.

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