Colors Naagin 5th Episode Written Updates 15 November 2015 Viren Troubles Shivanya

Colors Naagin 5th Episode Written Updates 15 November 2015 Viren Troubles Shivanya :- The newest fictional series of Colors channel which is titled as Naagin is gaining a lot of popularity these days as the show has received great audience feedback in the first four episodes and we will tell you what will happen in the 5th episode of this Arjun Bijlani, Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan starrer.


Serial/Show Name : Naagin
Channel : Colors
Production House : Balaji Telefilms
Star Cast : Mouni Roy as Naagin Shivanya, Adaa Khan in negative role, Vimarsh Roshan, Arjun Bijlani as Ritik Raheja, Sudha Chandran, Sanjay Nath
Launch (air) Date : 01 November 2015
Telecast Timings : every saturday-sunday 8.00 PM

Naagin 15 Nov 2015 Written Updates

Fifth episode of Nagin on 15 Nov 2015 begins with Yamini and Ankush scolding Rithik for bringing Shivanya home and ask what will Tanvi think now. Shivanya walks in house. Viren sees her and flirts with her and says Rithik must have brought her here. Tanvi tells Ankush and Yamini that marriage happens between family, so she is okay with Rithik bringing servant home. Viren taunts Rithik that his wife and Tanvi are broad minded.

Tanvi’s friend asks why did she agree to let servant Shivanya here. Tanvi says mom told her if we try to hold men, they will rebel, so it is better to let them free.

Rithik’s cousin Arjun tells him about office project and says elder brother Viren is creating problem at office. Rithik says he will speak to bhaiya in the morning. Arun taunts him to concentrate on marriage than work for some days.

Shivanya looks at Ankush and 2 of his friend’s pics and says you sinners killed my parents and ruined my childhood, she will kill them and will find the other two unknown killers being in his house. She comes back to her room and sees gift and message from Rithik that she should wear this dress during his sangeet ceremony.

Rithik falls asleep and gets and gets dreams about the time spent with Shivanya. He wakes up nervously and starts working to keep himself busy.

Shivanya looks at Ankush, Yamini, and Rithik’s pic and says you sinners ruined my life, now I will kill you all and will do it myself. Yamini passes by and asks what will she do. Shivanya says she will decorate house well. Yamini asks her to check if shivji’s belpatra is on door and not let anyone touch it, then says she herself will check. Servant comes and says Yamini that saheb wants diet food with exact number of calories. Yamini leaves with her. Shivanya then goes and throws belpatra with broom.

She finds necklace on floor. Tanvi comes and says it is her necklace and taunts that poor people cannot afford it and they can dream about it in rich houses. She then taunts that she is very lucky to marry Rithik. Once she leaves, Viren catches her and starts flirting and says he will get her jewelry. Shivanys says she does not need jewelry. His wife comes and asks what was he telling to servant. He says he was telling his wife will look very hot in marriage jewelry. Wife gets happy and asks why is he discussing it with servant instead of her. He gives her necklace and looking at Shivanya says she is very hot.

Shivanya walks into Rithik’s room and sees him and his cousin watching CCTV footage and trying to find out who was trying steal at home and discussing that face is very blur due to darkness. Shivanya says they can identify by the ring worn by thief. Rithik says exactly. He realizes that Viren is thief. He calls Viren and asks why did he steal from office. Viren denies and shouts. Arun says his ring is clearly seen on CCTV footage. Viren starts crying and says he stole to fulfill his wife’s jewelry demand. Rithik warns him not to repeat, else he will inform family and leaves him. Arjun asks why did he spare Viren. Rithik says he does not need any problem at home.

Rithik and Tanvi’s mehandi ceremony starts. Ladies dance on london thumakda song. Shivanya enters and Rithik smiles at her. Tanvi shows her mehandi design with Rithik written in it. Lady asks Shivany to bring mehandi cones. She goes to bring them. Viren comes and tightly hugs her. She pushes him. He says she gave him signal and now pushing him. She asks when did she signal him. He says he gifted her this dress and she should stop acting. He hugs her again. She pushes him and drops something in front of Rithik.

Rithik sees them, runs and pushes Viren and hugs Shivanya. He corrects her dress and dorns his jacket on her. Viren says he does not know what this girl is, she pleaded him to give him dress and lured him, when he gifted her this dress, she is alleging him now. Rithik says he considered him as his own brother, but he is shameless to misbehave with woman and asks him to get out. He then tells Shivanya that he does not know her well, but he cannot anyone misbehaving with her. Viren’s wife comes here. Rithik asks her to control Viren and leaves. Viren lies her that he caught servant and Rithik redhanded romancing.

Tanvi asks Rithik where are they going for honeymoney. He asks her to decide herself. Viren enters Shivanya’s room, sees her sleeping, shuts her mouth and says he knows she is acting and should accept him, else he will expose her reality. Rithik searches his mobile. Arjun says he may have left it in his sangeet dress. Rithik comes to Shivanya’s room to take his jacket and sees Viren forcing himself on Shivanya. He beats Viren like a dog. Arjun enters and tries to stop, but Rithik continues. Arjun calls whole family. Viren lies that Shivanya stole his wife’s jewelry, so he came to pick it when Rithik came and started him beating.

Rithik says he misbehaved with Shivanya. Viren’s wife says she trusts her husband and Rithik is lying. Rithik says he came to pick his jacket which has phone and he dorned it on Shivanya when Viren tried to tear Shivanya’s clothes. Arjun finds jacket and mobile and says Rithik is right. Viren’s wife says even now she trusts her husband. Rithik shows mehandi marks on Viren’s kurta and says he got it when Shivanya tried to push him. Dad asks everyone to leave. Rithik consoles Shivanya. She applies medicine on his hand. He asks her to lock door and leaves.

Viren comes back and says Shivanya if she does not agree, he will tell her secret to everyone and shows pics in which Rithik hugs her while dorning jacket. Shivanya says these are false pics and Rithik’s marriage will break. He says let it be. He wants to have suhagraat with her tomorrow, else he will show these pics to everyone and tell that she is trapping Rithik to enjoy his wealth. Shivanya thinks he wants to sleep with a nagin and now nagin will show her true colors. They killed her parents, now it is their turn.

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