Colors Naagin 2nd Episode Written Updates 7 November 2015 Shivanya saves Hrithik

Colors Naagin 2nd Episode Written Updates 7 November 2015 Shivanya saves Hrithik :- Latest fictional drama of Colors Channel Naagin which was launched earlier this month has become very popular already as we have seen how the blessed Snake Sesha pushes Hrithik from the top of the mountain at the end of the first episode now the question is will he die or escape from the death we will reveal all this in this article further.


Serial/Show Name : Naagin
Channel : Colors
Production House : Balaji Telefilms
Star Cast : Mouni Roy as Naagin Shivanya, Adaa Khan in negative role, Vimarsh Roshan, Arjun Bijlani as Ritik Raheja, Sudha Chandran, Sanjay Nath
Launch (air) Date : 01 November 2015
Telecast Timings : every saturday-sunday 8.00 PM

Naagin 7 Nov 2015 Written Updates

Second episode of Nagin on 7 Nov 2015 begins with Rithik falling from cliff and holding tree branch while following a woman/ichchadhari nagin Shesha. Poojari Bhairvnath continues playing been. Snakes gather around him. One of big snake tries to bite him, but the picks it and says history is repeated and he has taken same form like 20 years ago. He will take revenge for whatever he did to her family. Snake converts into icchadhari nagin Sesha and starts dancing. Rithik is seen still hanging on a tree. Sesha dances with other icchadhari nagins in front of shiv idol. Bhairavnath orders her to destory Rithik’s family and take revenge.

Rithik’s cousins and siblings are seen joking with each other and then taunt Tanvi. Mom comes and asks where is Rithik. They say they don’t know. She goes to dad and sees him working out with dumbells. She says it is his son’s engagement tomorrow, but he is relaxing here. He says she knows about his hobbies, but not son’s and says he must be searching network somewhere.

She asks why did he send Rithik out, does not he remember what happened 20 years ago. Dad relaxes on chair and asks if she checked something. She says no. He asks to check then. She thinks why is this man so relaxed. Tanvi’s friends taunt her that Rithik is so hot, if she bought loungerie for their first night, etc. Tanvi asks to talk slowly, else mother-in-law will listen. She will buy a s*xy nightie to lure Rithik and won’t be boring sari clad like her mother-in-law. She turns back and sees Yamini standing there. Yamini asks if she saw Rithik. Tavni says he went in that direction.

Bhairavnath tells Sesha that today is special night and she should start taking revenge. Just then, huge gush of air blows. Sesha asks Bhairavnath he told today is auspicious night, but what is happening. He holds snake and says Gatakka cannot lie. Someone will get a luck fate today.

Yamini and dad travel with their team in search of Rithik. Yamini years someone’s shout and gets out of car. She gets worried seeing same old shiv temple and tells dad this is same 20-year-old temple. He scolds her that she always comes near this temple and says he will go to search his son alone and leaves with his team. Yamini goes to temple and prays Shiv to protect her son.

Rithik hangs holding tree branch. A snake comes nearby, then girl comes and holds Rithik’s hand. She asks him not to pull her. Rithik says he will not and says she is 25 kg and weak, how will she pull him. She says with her true will, she can pull anything. She pulls Rithik up. He asks her name to thank her. She says name is not needed to thank and leaves.

Dad comes with team and asks where was he, what is this nonsense. Rithik says he slipped from cliff. Yamini also comes. Dad says they will leave back to Mumbai right now. Then, Tanvi comes and scolds him that she loves him since she was 10-year-old and he should not go anywhere without informing her. They both then get into car and while traveling Tanvi says a girl saved him from falling and he gets different girl in his dream. Rithik says yes.

Just then driver stops car seeing traffic jam. Constable comes and informs that road is blocked due to landslide and they cannot go to mumbai. Rithik’s bhabhi feels hungry. An old lady comes selling peanuts. Bhabhi buys peanuts and gives her money. Old lady leaves. Constable takes dad/Raheja and Rithik to police station and complains inspector that they want to go to mumbai even after telling about landslide. Inspector who is busy reading naagin novel continues reading. Dad says he is Raheja. Inspector asks him to return back where he came from. Rithik says tomorrow is his engagement and has to reach mumbai.

Inspector repeats samething. Raheja asks he does not want to go back to haveli. Inspector asks if he is haveli’s Raheja and says he heard a lot about his haveli. Raheja bribes inspector and inspector says he will open a narrow blocked road. Rithik’s brother comes running and informs that bhabi is voming. Rithik and Raheja go out to check.

Yamini scolds how can anyone come in this rain. Bhabhi points at tree. Yamini says there is no one there. Old lady peeps from behind tree and smiles and converts into Sesha nagin. Raheja says they will go to mumbai at any cost. Rithik says they should go to hospital first. Raheja says there are a lot of hospital in Mumbai and his words are final. Sesha changes into inspector and shouts at dad to go back to his haveli.

Dad says just sometime ago agreed to send them via some blocked road. Inspector says he did not and shouts again to go back. They all get into car nd leave. Sesha regains her form and whatever she thinks will happen, they will not go back. Whole Raheja family reaches back haveli. Raheja looks at decoration and asks Yamini he let off servants, then who decorated haveli. Yamini says he likes workout and she likes taking care of her house, she called back servants. Rithik gets ready and Tavni asks where is he going at this time. He says to meet that girl. She asks if that girl is beautiful. He says she is same girl who dropped food. She says then she does not have to worry from that coughing girl and asks him not to get cough from that girl.

Rithik goes to manager and asks about girl. Manager says she left job and went back to Jaipur. Rithik says he needs her back, else he will lose his job. Manager gets girl’s address and says he cannot bring by morning. Rithik says he will go himself and leaves in his car. While driving, he sees snake on glass and rams car into tree. He rings bell of a nearby house for help. Girl opens door and he says he was going to Jaipur but found here itself. He enters in and says he came back to give her salary and job. She thinks how to send him and says her husband has gone out and will be coming anytime. He says let him come, he will thank him also. She says she cannot accept his money and does what her heart says, so no need of his thank or money.

She then slips and he holds her. Their eyes lock. A romantic song plays in the background. He then asks her to give mobile as he is not getting network. She shows landline. He calls Tanvi and informs that he is talking from girl’s house. Yamini takes phone and asks where is he. He says he is with a girl in a business meet and will reach back haveli soon. Girl gives him water, thinks he is lying his family and flirting here even though his engagement is tomrrow and loudly asks if water is cold.

Yamini asks if he is lying. Rithik says he told he is with a girl on a business meet and will come back soon before disconnecting call. He asks girl his name and she says Shivanya and she does not need his job. He says he will wait for her in car and waits outside. Mechanic comes and repairs his car and when his about to leave, Shivanya comes out and says she is ready to accompany him. He smiles and comments she did not want to come and now is ready. He gets her into car and leaves towards haveli.

Raheja wakes up at midnight and walks out of room. Yamini sees him going and gets worried. She calls Bhairavnath. Raheja sees Bhairvnath and asks Yamini who called him here. Bhairavnath says he came to save his son as nagin has got Shiv’s boon after 20 years of tapasya and can change into any form.

Party starts. Sesha enters haveli and changes herself into waiter. She gives alcohol glass to Raheja and then thinks she started her revenge here and will finish it today. Raheja falls down after a loud shout. Yamini and others runs towards him.

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