Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Maha Episode 22 November 2015 Written Update Dastan & Noor Claims Throne

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Maha Episode 22 November 2015 Written Update Dastan & Noor Claims Throne :- Well the much awaited special Maha episode of Colors Channel epic TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat has happened today on 22 November 2015, Sunday which was aired at around 7:00 PM IST and we will reveal what happened in this ep of the serial which brings some new twists in the tale.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Special Episode 22 Nov 2015

Below are the major highlights of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Maha episode on 22 November 2015 have a look :

1) Chanakya comes to Charumitra’s room and threatens her to tell him what she did to Dharma by midnight or else he will find the truth by himself and get her punished from Samrat. also he promises her that if she tells him the truth she will not get punished.

2) Ashoka is training with Bindusara when Sushim interrupts and tries to convince Bindusara to send Ashoka to Takshila when suddenly Dastan and his army attacks Rajmahal.

3) Dastan and Noor enters rajmahal through secret door where Dastan kills Akramak. Ashoka finds Akramak dead. Ashoka enters rajmahal where he fights with dastan and gets defeated and is tied with stone and thrown into river by Noor ( Ashoka gets shocked seeing noor behind all this).

4) Bindusara along with all queens and Mahamatya are held captive and taken to court where all sees Dastan along with Noor sitting on throne. Noor tells Bindusara why she betrayed him and tells him how she and Dastan will come to power and make Siamak as Samrat.

5) Chanakya notices Ashoka thrown into river but decides not to help him as he is confident that Ashoka can protect himself. meanwhile Chanakya is also taken to rajmahal by Afghan soldiers.

6) Rajmata Helena and Mir Khurasan are happy thinking they have achieved their dream.

7) Rani Subhrasi pleads to noor to let Drupad live as he is in no fault but Noor tells her if she can kill Ashoka then why not Drupad; on hearing this Dharma tells Noor that Ashoka cannot die and tells her that her son is alive. Noor slaps Dharma and humiliates her and tells her that if she is so much confident then call him to protect them and Dharma shouts Ashoka.

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