Jan 29, 2020

Brock Lesnar Returned Raw 15 June 2015 Written Details & Pics

The beast Brock Lesnar is back in WWE after a month long suspension to reclaim his World Heavyweight Title again that he has lost to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31 after the former Shield member cashed in his Money in the Bank and pinned sown a brutally beaten up Roman Reigns. Seth earlier said that he doesn’t need J&J security or a 7 foot monster like Kane to win his matches. He further said that he doesn’t even required the help of Authority bosses Triple H & Stephanie McMahon. He has showcased his ego in tonights June 15, 2015 show of Raw as he said he only wants to thank himself for his victory against Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose at Money in the Bank 2015.

After giving such a egoistic speech in front of the Cleveland, Ohio audience Seth Rollins went back to backstage where he meets the Authority bosses Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Hunter said to him that as he said that he doesn’t need his backing anymore he will announce his next challenger tonight. Everyone started figuring it out who is going to be lucky one, is it anyone out of Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury or the big red machine Kane. It can either be Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose or high flyer Neville.

Finally after a 3 hours long show of WWE Raw 15 June 2015 the moment came when Trip H and his wife Stephanie McMahon entered the ring and this is what they said :-


Stephanie McMahon – First of all I would like to apologise for the actions of Kevin Owens against Machine Gun Kelly earlier disciplinary action will be taken against Kevin Owens because that what’s best for business and when I say best for business thats not some slogan or catch phrase thats truly how we run this global property, thats how we put smiles on peoples faces the worldover and tonight we have the distinction of announcing who the next opponent, who the next challenger will be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins and I guarantee we have made this decision doing what is best for business

Triple H – The next opponent for Seth Rollins is not going to be a member of J&J Security, neither Kane nor Lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose which I think you might not like

Seth Rollins music hits and he arrives inside the ring to confront Stephanie McMahon and Triple H


Triple H – If you (Seth Rollins) wanna know what you have with a lump of coal you stick it under immense pressure that pressure does one of two things. The pressure either causes you to crumble and turn to dust or that pressure turns you into the diamond that you always hoped it could be. Seth the question now is do you crumble or do you become the diamond that we have invested in because Seth the pressure is on…


Brock Lensar music hits audience cheered with excitement, everyone got shocked seeing the beast back again in business with his manager Paul Heyman. Paul shook hands with Triple H as they have settled everything. Brock stared at Seth and fear can be seen in the eyes of the World Heavyweight Champion. He escaped from the right in a state of shocked.


The Animal Lesnar smiled and he appeared more calm & composed this time as he will not do the same mistake again that he did last time around.


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