Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Special Episode 24 Oct 2015 Written Updates Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Special Episode 24 Oct 2015 Written Updates Salman Khan :- The time has arrived for host Salman Khan to take class of all the Bigg Boss 9 contestants in Weekend Special episode which happened on 24 October 2015 and we will give you all the information about who got grilled by Sallu Bhai and who got saved.

Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Special Episode 24 Oct 2015 Written Updates Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 9 Saturday 2nd Week Written

Weekend Special

Inmates come one by one in confession room and tell whom they dont like in house and why.

Prince comes in confession room, he says i dont like Mandana, she does everything and thinks she is right but doesnt let anyone do it.

Arvind says Aman seems artificial sometime.

Suyyash says i get negative vibes from Aman. He says Mandana is fake and i hate them.

  • Mandana says Suyyash is very high-tempered and he is very loud, i am his target.
  • Keith says if someone is Kishwar then she gets loud and she tries to do group-ism.
  • Aman says Suyyash is hyper always, he doesnt try to solve anything.
  • Yuvika says Mandana dominates alot.
  • KIshwar says Mandana is fake, i am not comfortable with her.
  • Vikas says Aman is very unhygienic.
  • Roopal says Prince thinks he will do all the tasks best and girls are week in tasks.
  • Rochelle says Kishwar is very loud and Angry, she likes to put down other people. Suyyash pass personal remarks in task.
  • Rimi says Vikas lost his mind in task.
  • Mandana says i dont like Kishwar.

Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone in bigg boss, he says i hope you all enjoy today’s episode. he says all are happy as there is no partnership, one inmate will get eliminated. MANDANA, PRINCE, ROOPAL, AMAN and RIMI are NOMINATED. he connects video call to house, Salman sings Yeh bandhan toh.. inmates laugh.

Salman ask Roopal if her speed is changed? Roopal is embarrassed, Salman ask Digangana how you survive now? all laughs, Salman ask Arvind what he is doing in house? become active little, Salman ask Keith if he is happy to be free? Keith says everyone likes happiness but i am sad too as we get used to your partner, we became good friends, SAlman jokes that girl and boy cant be friends, Rochelle dont cry, everyone laughs.

Salman ask Mandana, Mandana says it doesnt matter that i am free or was in partnership, good thing is that i can talk to Rochelle one on one without Keith, Salman says whole india listen to your conversation, Salman says all are liking you so much that MANDANA YOU ARE SAFE, she cries and says i get overwhelmed that i am being loved by people, i miss my family but i want to be in house for people who are loving me and watching me, Salman says you must be missing Irani tea, Mandana says i have not gone to Iran for 10years.

Salman jokes that you can get irani tea in india too. Salman jokes to Aman that you are unclean from heart and from body both, who you think is more unhygienic than you? Aman says Rochelle leaves her things in washroom so i think she is unhygienic, Kishwar says i saw Aman spitting in basin of kitchen, aman says many people in India does that, Salman says yes they wash hands in same utensil where they spit, right? all laugh, he says if you wanna irritate Kishwar then do that again. Salman ask Mandana about being fake, Mandana says if you are real and upfront then you will be considered as fake and i try to be sweet then i will be called fake too so i dont understand how i am fake, Salman ask who you think is fake? Mandana says Yuvika is fake, she is always smiling but make nasty comment all of a sudden, she shows smile to camera but have poison in heart, Salman says you are calling her snake? he says to Yuvika that i wanna see that quality, Mandana says when we were doing lagaan task, she fainted but then after sometime she was laughing and enjoying.

Yuvika says this is your thinking, i wont say anything, Kishwar says same goes for Mandana too, she was ill but suddenly in task, she was jumping on beds, Salman jokes that she has Irani blood, Mandana says you are right, Iranai blood is like this, they are strong.

Salman says yes most of great wrestlers are from Iran. Salman brings slate and 30crore is written on it, Salman jokes that Prince will tell the amount, Prince says its 3crore, Salman make him read again and its 30crore, Prince cant believe his eyes, Salman rubs zeros from amount and keep Prince reading it, Prince says it happened my mistake.

Salman ask what is the winning amount now, Prince says around 39lacs, Salman says you were writing 30lacs means you wanted winning amount to be 10lacs only? Prince says i dont even want 10lacs, i am getting to talk to you and its great for me, Salman says many people are not understanding the task, it was only Keith who understood the task and you people were confusing him too, Keith is not Indian fully but still he understand Bigg boss’s hindi while others dont, tough Keith lost his bags but he understood the task so we will gift him, he shows Keith his bags and says you will get it now, Keith thanks him, he ask who was stupid? Kishwar says me and Suyyash, all laughs. Salman says Lagaan task was not understood by many too, it was only Mandana who really understood the task, Mandana thanks him, he says you all said Suyyash and Prince were best in task, he ask them to come in conference room.
Suyyash and Prince come in room.

Salman ask Suyyash that you play cricket, dont you make strategy in it? Suyyash says but we dont cheat, Salman says it is gentleman’s game but you have to make strategies in tasks here, Suyyash says we made strategy to sell packets one by one and will make them in bulk, Prince says i also thought to steal as we have seen last season Gautam won by this too, it was not cheating, but Suyyash didnt agree to steal as otherside was his girlfriend, Suyyash says no Kishwar was not the reason to not agree to steal but i thought its against morals to steal.

Salman says Prince said that if your girlfriend was not on opposite side then we would have stolen coins, you answered that if i steal then i will get divorced from Kishwar, Suyyash says i was joking, Salman says no you were afraid of kKishwar, you even said that if it was not Kishwar then he would have stolen coins, Salman ask Mandana.

Mandana says they keep mixing emotions in task, like they keep saying she my gf or he is my friend, this is task and play it individually, Salman says Suyyash is saying that he didnt find stealing morally right so denied doing it but during task, he told Kishwar the strategy of stealing, he spoiled the gameplan of for his team, he deceived his team, he ask Suyyash did Kishwar told you about her secret task which Bigg boss gave to her? Suyyash says no, Salman says you did mistake, he says that when you are doing task then you should play individually, you should not throw away your wicket, it was not right, he ask Prince would he have shared with his gf if she was there? he says no, Salman says Suyyash didnt have team spirit.

Kishwar says Suyyash didnt tell me clearly, he just said that his team is planning to steal, i didnt tell this to Aman too, Salman ask Aman if he got to know strategy of other team, would he share with his team mate?

Aman says yes ofcourse, Kishwar says Suyyash didnt betray his team, Salman ask if it is team spirit to share your strategy with other team? Kishwar says no, Salman says then no point of clearing anything. Mandana says i stole coins and bigg boss didnt pass any order so i was certain that this is the only way to win game, Suyyash says Mandana threw her mike and belt away too, Rochelle says Suyyash keep talking about morals, not stealing and team work and this is the way he ditched us, Mandana says Suyyash did stealing in right sense, he has ditched us, Kishwar says Keith and Rochelle would have done same if they were in opposite teams, Keith says dont drag us here.

Salman says they would go through tests too in coming weeks but you cant assume here now, Prince says Rochelle said to Keith that he will not steal alone as he would come out bad infront of people, why she wanted to save her bf and put us in problem, Rochelle says in end it was Keith and Mandana only who tried their best to win, Salman says its not about stealing but you could have done it in fun way by hiding the coins, you could have turned it into fun-task, he says to Keith that if one person steal then its stealing but if whole team had done it then it would have been strategy, Keith says i did stealing with Mandana and i was sure that we are right but Prince passed comment that i have let him down, it hurt me, i thought Rochelle was right that people are thinking wrong about me when i am stealing, i am setting wrong example, they made me feel guilty thats why i returned those coins back, but now after knowing what Suyyash did, he has let me down alot, Salman says this is show for entertaining, you can turn stealing into fun which Mandana did, Mandana says i stole coins and said landlords are cruel and workers are great, she laughs, Salman says even after all this Keith and Mandana became worst performers, Keith says i dont have problem with it, they have decided by consensus that we were bad so we are fine getting nominated.

Mandana says the wrong thing was that we couldnt convince our team for stealing. Salman says its Vikas’s birthday today, all wishes him, Salman ask how many of you think Vikas and Yuvika were very nice captains. except Mandana, Aman, Rochelle and Arvind everyone agrees that they were nice captains. Salman says those who have raised hands, i wanna show them something, video plays, messed up and unclean house is shown. After Video, Salman ask who wanna change their mind now? nobody does, Roopal says it was not their fault, they were lenient, Salman says you cant even keep house clean, Kishwar says they tried their best, i and Aman used to clean kitchen but it must footage of eating inbetween, Salman says think before you speak, you cant justify it, Vikas and Yuvika should speak, Vikas says we kept trying to tell them to not break rules.

Salman says you all have to live here for 3months, Salman says you keep giving example of ex-inmates, Gauhar never left any task, Kamya set example in task, Ali was best captain, he made house so clean, Praneet used to calculate budget and keep it safe so that it last whole week, you all have to think about it, it is going to be more difficult in coming weeks,

Now its time for someone to leave house, Salman says Rimi, Aman, Roopal and Prince are nominated, he ask Rimi who will be saved, she says Prince, Salman says PRINCE IS SAFE, Kishwar hugs him in happiness, Rimi hugs him too, Salman says i will tell tomorrow who is going to eliminate tomorrow, till then enjoy, call ends, Salman says AMAN, ROOPAL and RIMI are NOMINATED, we will see tomorrow who will be elimianted.

In house, Suyyash says to Keith that if i am talking about morals to my team then i would not do such cheap act, i was frustrated and Kishwar is my own so when i saw her, i just said it to her that they are thinking to steal, thats it, i didnt say anything to her now. Keith says when big boss told me way to steal to win, it was not easy for me, when you said that you are upset, i felt bad, i was so guilty that i am stealing, it was just a game but i thought i was setting wrong example.

Kishwar says to Prince that everyone said Vikas and Yuvika were nice captains but didnt defend them when unhygienic house was shown, now i will show them what cleanliness is, Prince says tell them that house will get cleaned daily, save flour, if someone is eating one dish then he or she will not be allowed to another, i will do same when i will become captain, Kishwar says we will be silent, i will not do anything as when we do something then we are shown as bad, i said that Yuvika and Vikas tried their best as captains, Prince says now i will take their(Keith’s group) class too, i will do my work and will tell them to not sit and do their work, we will not help them now.

Suyyash says to Keith that i didnt realize i was leaking plan, when Salman said it then my mind went to that side, Keith says we do things under pressure, Kishwar comes and says to Suyyash that dont take things seriously, on one weekend you will be shown in bad light, next weekend someone else will be shown in bad light so dont bother, Suyyash says to Keith that she is talking generally, Kishwar says you know what you did and i know what i did, Prince says they are showing as Mandana understood the task but we had given up the task then how Mandana would have understood it?

PRECAP – Abhay Deol will come tomorrow. Common audience will question Inmates. One fan says to Digangana that in start of show, you said you are going to be lioness of house but now you seem to be kiddo inbetween all housemates. A fan says Yuvika seems to be most fake in house. Fan says to Prince that what has happened to you? you were saying big things before going in house and now its seems like you are a sidekick.

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