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Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Ka Wow Written Updates Salman Khan Shahid Kapoor Alia Bhatt Episode 17 October 2015

Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Ka Wow Written Updates Salman Khan Shahid Kapoor Alia Bhatt Episode 17 October 2015 :- First week of BB9 is over and now its the time for the host Salman Khan to announce audience verdict as who they have evicted from the Bigg Boss house through their votes as it is the first eviction of Bigg Boss Double Trouble.


Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Special Episode Written

All contestants come in garden area, a witness box is placed there, Mandana stands in witness box, Suyyash and Prince ask her questions, they say that when someone is not doing work infront of you then you think that he doesnt work at all, Mandana says if i see someone not doing anything then i will point it out. Suyyash says you dont let anyone help you then you say that he or she is not working, and you dont cook what others like, Kishwar says i asked her to let me cut onions but she didnt let me, Mandana says if anyone wants to eat Rajma then what can i do, i cant cook it, you indians eat other kind of food, Prince says you are on indian show so dont talk about indians, Kishwar says she doesnt let anyone work, Mandana says i will do what i want.

Aman comes in witness box, Kishwar says he doesnt divide food equally, he took more cornflakes today then others, Aman says nothing like that, Kishwar says i saw it myself, Suyyash says i get negative vibes from you, Aman says it doesnt matter to me.

In washroom Keith says to Mandana that Kishwar nothing have personal against you, Mandana says its not my fault if she cant cook shit for her boyfriend, i cook food here but there is this desperate women(kishwar) who is stuck with a guy(Aman) who she doesnt want to, i dont care, she cries and says i am target of everyone, Yuvike hugs her and consoles.

Kishwar says to Keith that who is Mandana to tell me that i cant cook so i cant voice opinion, there are many in this house who cant cook but voice their opinion.

Mandana says to camera that i am dangerous in this house that people want me to stand in witness box first.
Salman Khan comes on stage and says one week has not finished and their fights have started. He welcomes everyone in bigg boss. He says 8 inmates are nominated, Ankit, Arvind, Vikas, Yuvika, Suyyash, Rimi, Digangana, Roopal.


Call is connected to house, Salman acts likes sleeping and snoring, all laugh, Arvind embarrassed, Salman jokes to Arvind that your wife is great to bear you, do you sleep in different rooms? Arvind laughs, Salman says Vikas takes more snores, Rochelle says Sasriakal, Salman is surprised, Salman ask who takes more snores? Rochelle says one has more noise and one’s sound is more good, all laughs, Rochelle imitates their snoring, Salman ask Arvind to control.

Salman ask how many contestants? 12? Rimi says 14, two are not seen much, one is me and other is Digagana or Roopal, Salman says you should be seen more often, you have worked with many stars, tell me which star talked to you liked Suyyash did? Rimi says no one, he is only one, Salman ask Suyyash you were sweet but now you seem angry all the time, he says to Prince that you were most unwanted and now most wanted, all clap for him, Salman ask Rochelle who she think will be eliminated, Rochelle says i dont know what is shown outside, Salman says what you people are doing, same is showing out, Salman says Rimi and Suyyash to comes in conference room, they go.

Call is connected to Salman, Salman ask Suyyash why your coordination was bad? Rimi says Suyyash says very compatible, we got tasks which we couldnt do it thats why we were shown as bad pair, Suyyash says i was ready to get bald but i cant ask Rimi to do it, Salman says you were week thats why they gave task to you, Rimi says i am weak, suyyash was stuck with me. Salman connects call to lounge and ask Arvind why did he gave bald task to Yuyyash and Rimi? Arvind says we were asked to choose pair which cant do task, so we chose Suyyash and rimi. Salman ask Suyyash why he is getting snappy? Suyyash says i wanted to spend time with Kishwar but Aman leaves from there, i am not able to spend time, Salman jokes that go on honeymoon after show.

Suyyash says i will go but if my love is in house then i would want 5 minutes to spend with her in a day, Salman says to Kishwar that cant to tell Aman that dude i want to spend 5 minutes with my boyfriend so wait, Kishwar says when Rochelle and Keith wanted to spend time then Prince was understanding, she didnt have to tell Prince to give her 5 minutes, he should be understanding, Salman ask Aman are you so much insensitive? Aman says they do spend time together, its not like they didnt get 5minutes to spend together.

Vikas says Suyyash was sad after he couldnt do task but Aman didnt let Kishwar go to Suyyash to console him, Aman says we all have left our families back, i feel weird that two couples want to be together all the time, vikas says but that was bad, she wanted to hug Suyyash when he was sad but you went to wash hands, Kishwar says Aman have to go to washroom when work is assigned to you, Aman says if they asked me that they want to spend time together then she can tell me.

Kishwar says he knew Suyyash was hyper, he was coming to hug me so Aman should have common sense to stay there, Salman says no you are wrong, you should have common sense that Aman doesnt have common sense, all laugh, Suyyash says i keep seeing Aman thinking and cooking stories all the time, Aman is not chivalrous, he sit on seat while Kishwar sit on floor, its not like she is my gf, i would do it for any girl, Salman says remember this, i will show your words later, when you become friends then you dont act formal,

Suyyash says thing is Kishwar doesnt say anything to Aman, Salman says no, she say everything, she is very opinionated, Kishwar says i dont say directly to Aman, Salman jokes that you say it on his back, Kishwar says aman eats food but doesnt clean it, Salman says Mandana wants to say something.

Salman told Prince that dont say she is not indian or he is indian, its like hitting below the belt, Mandana says if Kishwar wants to say something then she should say it to Aman directly, Salman doesnt understand her language, he ask rochelle to translate it, she does, Salman laughs that Keith has good combo.

Salman says to Suyyash that you must be happy that Rimi is not your partner now, Rimi left you as she thought you couldnt do task because of her, you chose Prince as he is strong in tasks, Kishwar says i told him that i would have applied tattoo but he said he wouldnt have allowed me baby, Salman says then why he was forcing Rimi to apply it? she is not your baby, Suyyash says no nothing like that, i like Rimi alot, i didnt ask Rimi to apply tattoo too, Salman ask Rimi what about your partner being Rochelle, Rimi says Rochelle is very strong minded, she keep brain washing me that we will do all the tasks that will be given to us, she wants me to stay in house, Salman says to Suyyash that your coordination was not good with Rimi.

Rochelle says we all know Rimi doesnt want to stay in house but the time she sat with me, she became my partner, i told her that we will do all the tasks, i didnt want Keith and Mandana’s partnership to break as they have good coordination, Salman says so you want to become great lady that weak partner become yours and all other gets strong partner, wow you are so great, all laugh, Keith hugs Rochelle, Salman says we will talk later. call ends.

Salman says shandaar team is coming here, he jokes that welcome Shahid bhatt and Alia Kapoor, Shahid and Alia comes stage and dances on song. after dance, Salman says what a shandaar performance, Salman says Alia you have danced with mustache in movie and you were looking hot, Alia says wanted to dance like man, Salman says nobody was looking at Man shahid, all laugh, Salman says you have come on bigg boss’s first weekend so we want to welcome you warmly, garlands come, Alia comes forward, Salman says dont be so desperate(for marriage), see my example, all laugh, Salman puts garland around Shahid and Alia’s neck, Shahid says poetry for Salman, Salman ask Alia to sing, Alia sings Mein hoon Herione teri for Salman, Salman says its not easy to achieve so much in such small life, Alia thanks him, Salman says Alia and shaid went to bigg boss house, lets see what they did there.


Bigg boss house:

Shahid and Alia come in bigg boss house, they are also tied with belt, all meet them, they sit in lounge, Shahid ask how you all are feeling here, Vikas jokes that ask Rimi, Shahid says i have done movie with her, she was very fun loving girl, dont know why she has become grandmother here, all laugh, bigg boss welcomes Shahid and Alia and wishes them luck, Alia says i like Prince the most in house, Shahid says now Prince have chance to take a girl on date on first floor, Prince chooses Yuvika, she says Kamineee(jerk), all laugh, Prince and Yuvika go on first floor, they sit on couch, Prince gives Yuvika red roses.

Shahid ask Suyyash to bring instructions from store room, he does, Shahid reads question that who is most hottest female in house? Arvind says Mandana, camera keep following her, shahid ask ankit, Ankit says Arvind follows Mandana so i have too, shahid ask Keith, Keith says Rochelle, Vikas says Rochelle, suyyash says i have gf here but Yuvika is hot, Aman says Digangana is complete package but Rochelle is hot, Prince says Yuvika, Rochelle is chosen as most hottest girl, shahid ask now girls will tell who is hot, Kishwar says Prince, Rimi says Keith, Rochelle says its obvious Keith is hot, Mandana says Keith,Digangana says Aman is very fit, Yuvika says Keith, Keith is chosen as most hottest man here, Shahid ask who is most lazy here, All chooses Rimi, Shahid ask who is hottest pair here, all chooses Keith and Mandana, Shahid and Alia leaves house.


On stage, Salman says Prince and Yuvika on date? Shahid says they are becoming popular, Alia says i am big bigg boss fan, Salman ask about movie, Alia says we are playing insomnias, we dont sleep at night, Shahid says its a happy film, Salman ask about Raita song, Shahid says Salman will do step with me, Raita song plays, Salman, Shahid and alia does dance on it, Shahid says movie is releasing on 22nd october, shahid and Alia leaves.

Salman connects call to house, Salman says all inmates are looking nice, you got most of things from snapdeal, Suyyash says i got this shirt which i am wearing now from Snapdeal only we didnt get our bags. Salman says now we will talk about elimination, i have come in this house so i will take someone out, he takes name of people who are nominated, Salman says now i will take one pair’s name, that pair will be safe from nominations, he says Suyyash and Rimi.. what you think who is safe, Rimi says i wanna leave, Salman says god doesnt listen sometimes, SUYYASH AND RIMI ARE SAFE, Salman jokes that Rimi must be happy from inside that she is safe, its all Rochelle’s training, all laugh, Salman says i will tell tomorrow who will be eliminated, i like the suspense, he ends call. Salman says they must be thinking that pair will be eliminated from the house but they dont know that only one person will leave not the pair.

PRECAP- In tomorrow’s weekend special, famous celebrities will come to live chant with inmates. Aayushman Khurrana comes and ask Rimi that you have spunk in movies, you dance really well then why you are not showing spunk in bigg boss, you have to do that. Sonam Kapoor says that i dont want to create controversy but i wanna ask Keith why he didnt change his partner? A media analyst ask Suyyash that according to your experience why people are fake?

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