Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Episode 7 Dec 2015 2 New Wild Cards Suyyash Keith Lust Test Digangana gets Eliminated

Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Episode 7 Dec 2015 2 New Wild Cards Suyyash Keith Lust Test Digangana gets Eliminated :- The time has arrived for the 8th week eviction in Bigg Boss 9 but this time the elimination process is going to be something different as someone from Suyyash Rai or Digangana Suryavanshi will come out of the house but not on the basis of Public votes as housemates votes will decide who will stay and who will go out.


Bigg Boss 9 Sunday 7 Dec 2015 Written

In this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 9 host Salman Khan grilled the housemates once again. He teases Prince by saying that What does happen if his brother (Suyyash) gets evicted today on which Kishwer interfered and replied that his eviction will effect her a lot and to this Salman said he don’t think so as according to him Kishwer can survive without Suyyash but Prince will get handicapped.

Salman also made some fun of Priya Malik and his nose and ear piercings which she was wearing to look different from other.

Salman then introduced the two new wild card contestants of Bigg Boss 9 which were Nora Fatehi & Gizele Thakral and he has a light chit chat session with them on stage.

Nora Fatehi on Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan

Gizele Thakar with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Ka Vaar

Salman Khan then asked its time for a Sach Ka Saamna (Lie Detection test) for the housemates

Kanwaljeet during Lie-Detection Test says that going by Rochelle’s personality he feels that she did not deserve the Miss India’ title.

Salman asks Keith if he thinks Rochelle has become arrogant/ haughty? Keith said yes, green light Blinks

Salman asks Prince if he thinks Suyyash can’t survive in house for much time? Prince said yes, green light Blinks.

Salman asks Priya if she thinks Kishwer can’t survive on her own in the house? Priya said yes, green light Blinks.

Salman asked Keith and Suyyash to go inside the green room where a lust test was being organised for them. A hot girl came dancing on Ang Laga De Re to seduce both of them while Kishwer and Rochelle were watching from outside.

Now the time has come for eviction Salman introduced this week’s twist as he asked the contestants to vote who they wanted to get evicted from the Bigg Boss 9 house.

Most of the housemates voted Digangana Suryavanshi for the eviction and she gets eliminated.


Digangana Suryavanshi gets evicted from Bigg Boss 9

After Digangana’s eviction Salman Khan shows his displeasure towards the contestants as according to him if this eviction was done on the basis of public votes then Suyyash will get out of the house.

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