Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Episode 18 October 2015 Salman Sonam Ayushmann Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Episode 18 October 2015 Salman Sonam Ayushmann Written Updates :- In today elimination special episode of Bigg Boss 9 host Salman Khan organised a debate for all the contestants where they are being questioned by celebrities like Ayushmann Khurrana, Vikas Soni and Sonam Kapoor. Also one contestant has been evicted in the first week of BB9 we will reveal all this in our article further :


Bigg Boss 9 Elimination Special Episode Written

One inmate will be eliminated from Bigg boss today.
Salman comes on stage and dances on Selfie le le re song.

In house, Suyyash says to Vikas and yuvika that Rimi has come in house with a reason, she will not leave before completing her work. otherside Rimi is crying that she is not eliminated. ,,

On stage, Soonam Kapoor comes on stage, Prem Ratan dhan aayo song plays, she dances on it, Salman Khan comes there and dances with her, after dance, Salman gives Soonam mike and says isnt it most amazing song? she says yes it is, Salman says you have come here to show this song and to talk to inmates, Soonam jokes and to see you too.

Sonam sit on guest seat, Salman welcomes everyone in bigg boss, he says Ankit, Arvind, digangana, Roopal, Vikas and Yuvika are nominated, alot more has to come in this season, people have loved this show in one week only, all want to go in house so we have decided that some media personals will talk to inmates via live chat, IBN’s senior anchor Aakash Soni will talk to inmates, he is connected through video call, he says to Salman that you are most senior anchor, Salman jokes that you dont give chance to us to become senior anchor.

Aakash ask Salman that you left bigg boss 8 and was miffed but who made you comeback in season 9? are they afraid of you? Salman jokes that they need me to run show, i bring trp so they keep coming to me, he says just joking, the inmates give content and i just react to their actions, aakash ask who you think from inmates have the capability to become bollywood’s star, Salman says i remember we have bollywood actor connected through video call that is Ayushman Khurrana, call is connected to Salman, Salman says we are coming here to work and you are calmly sitting on couch, Ayushman says you have started singing, anchoring and acting so we have to sit at home, all laughs, Ayushman says i am very big fan of bigg boss so i have prepared questions too, Salman says soonam is here too.

Call is connected to house, Salman tells them that Ayushman, Aakash and Soonam are here to talk to you. Ayushman says to inmates that i have been part of reality shows, people like fun but they like to watch inmates doing tasks nicely, you all should start taking tasks seriously, he says to Rimi that my work is to wake you up, you had spunk in movies, you have to show it here, why you are silent? Rimi says i feeling difficult to adjust, i have good relation with all here, Aakash ask why you are not showing spark, you have potential, Rimi says this is first time i dont have connection from outside world, i may cope up with all this and start playing, Salman says Rimi has spark and she will burst like volcano, she is conscious because of cameras, if she is saying that she hasnt faced problems in life then she is lying, she faced problems in personal but now problems are coming infront of all world, she doesnt want to make controversies, Rimi says i never wanted to attention, Salman says just opinion your voice, what is wrong is wrong. Soonam says all are playing very nicely, i want to give credit to Mandana, she is trying to talk in hindi, she has learned to cook Rajma too, Salman jokes to not give her credit, half Iran talks in hindi.

Salman ask how was Rajma today? Mandana says it was not good, Salman says then tell my mom how to cook Rajma, she had cooked it for you all, Mandana says no.. Salman ask what now you will say it was good? all laughs, Mandana says the rajma of bigg boss house is different as we dont have many things here, Salman says even then my mom’s Rajma is not good, come and cook food sometime, all laughs. Aakash says i wanna sing a song for inmates, he sings Tumhara dil ya humara dil hai, Salman says you are singing so nicely, Ayushman is already sitting at home, you will send him to washroom by taking his singing career, all laughs.

Aakash ask Mandana that you chose Keith to be your partner as he is only person who can handle you, who has patience to bear you, right? Mandana says not only this but Keith has experience, he has understood how to handle me, i am perfectionist and Keith knows it, Aakash says Rochelle you are nice person, Salman jokes to Keith that you are stuck inbetween all this.

Sonam says to Digagana that you and roopal have become very good friends but you both dont talk to others much, Digagana says i was trying to cope up with work, we had to cook food and all so we couldnt connect to others much, soonam says you both stop to act like high school girls, you need to become opinionated, Digagana says maybe we both are girls so take more time to do work, Soonam says people want to see your personality, Salman jokes that digangana would take whole day to comb her hairs, all laughs, Ayushman ask Prince what is your plan? Prince says i want to follow Salman, Ayushman says to inmates that you all have to raise the bar, we should not miss ex-contestants like Guatam or Krishma, leanr from Salman, Salman says i have practice.

Ayushman says to Arvind that you started very well but your snores are cute, you are sidelined maybe because you are not from this industry, whats your plan, Arvind says plan is to live with them, they are bearing my snores, Salman says punch the one who is not bearing it, all laughs, Soonam ask Aman who is your friend in house, Aman says Keith, i have very good chemistry with Keith, Salman says one week back you were saying that you had very good friendship with Kishwar, you were acting like her long lost friend, Aman says when you live with someone then you know about them more nicely.

Ayushman says they all are living like a family but Mandana has understood game really well, she is playing well, Salman says he is calling your Manipulative, Mandana says i take it as compliment, this house is not real world, i am living alone for more than 10 years so i have experience, Ayushman says Rimi has confirmed that show is not scripted, Rimi says yes this has shocked me, Salman says to Mandana that be careful Kishwar.. i mean eishwar is there too, Aakrash says all are acting like they are big happy family but only one person is playing nicely that is Mandana, Mandana says i know they all will change their facets in coming weeks, i am lucky to get Keith as my partner, i tell him that i dont mind his girlfriend coming with us, they can do anything.

Salman jokes what you mean by doing anything? he says to Mandana that we are not understanding what you are saying, but you are looking nice so keep talking, all laughs, Ayushman ask Rochelle if bigg boss is more difficult than live cricket, Rochelle says there you cant express emotions but here you have too, Aakash ask Rochelle if Mandana can become her best friend? Rochelle says we are not here to make friends but i have many things common with Mandana and i become friends with everyone easily, i am also happy that she is with Keith, she brings out best in Keith, Salman jokes that she is Rochelle devi, Rochelle says i will lose it at some point too, Salman says they all go like friends in house but in end when they see their journey, its all filled with fights, he thanks everyone and ends call.

Salman ask soonam that promote her movie if she has come here, she says you are in movie too, Salman says no i am bigg boss host here. Prem Ratan Dhan aayo trailer plays. after trailer, Soonam says its is biggest movie of my life, she greets Salman and leaves.

Salman says there will be a biggest twist in house, inmates will get chance to get their bags as auction will be done on their bags. he connects call to house, he ask how are you all? Kishwar says we are nice, Salman says except you all are nice, Salman says i will show you a slide and you have to define it, he shows picture of Keith doing message of Mandana’s back, Rochelle is filing Keith’s nail while Prince is looking at them, he ask Kishwar what Keith must be thinking at that time? Kishwar says stuck.

Prince says he has chance everywhere, all laughs, he shows Rochelle’s shocked and weird picture, all laughs, Mandana says Rochelle must be thinking if he is really my boyfriend. Salman says we will do task in which we will see how well you know your partner, partners will stand on opposite and Salman will ask them certain questions, they will write answers and we will see their compatibility by seeing if their answers match or not. first Keith and Mandana comes forward, Salman ask what Keith do first in morning, both separately write on board that he takes tea.

Salman says what chemistry, sorry Rochelle, he ask how much Keith-Mandana fights, they both write none, Salman ask how many times Mandana applies oil, Keith writes 2, while Mandana writes 6, Salman says Rochelle is happy. Then Prince and Suyyash come forward, Salman ask if Prince flirt with all girls of house, both write no, Salman ask whom Prince wants to take on date, Suyyash writes Yuvika, Prince writes Rimi, Prince says you were asking whome Suyyash wants to take on date? Salman says i confused you. he ask Vikas and Yuvika to come forward and ask if they will leave today? Yuvika writes yes, Vikas writes no, Salman says YUVIKA AND VIKAS ARE SAFE.

Call is connected to snapdeal caller of week, she says i wanna talk to Keith, she says you look nice in Mandana’s clothes, all laughs, she says to Keith that Mandana said many times that your girlfriend has no mind, she is not smart, you were listening silently and didnt take stand for your girlfriend, why?

Keith says Mandana said in a sense that she is not smart but emotional and dont use her brains, i told her that Rochelle is sweet but uses her mind eventually, Mandana says i told him that Rochelle is sweet and she should not get influenced, Rochelle says all are thinking that i am just emotional when i say things from heart but they dont know that i have passion and i do everything passionately, thats my personality and it translates way more then any calculation from mind, all clap for Rochelle. Salman says Keith will sign mug for caller, Keith signs mug for snapdeal caller.

Salman says now we will see who will leave house today, which pair will be eliminated, Salman says DIGANGANA-ROOPAL ARE SAFE, he says ANKIT-ARVIND ARE ELIMINATED, all are sad, Arvind ask them to live happily, Mandana cries, Salman ask why are you crying so much, all hugs them, Arvind and Ankit starts leaving but Salman says only one inmate will leave house today not pair, the one who got less votes will be eliminated, he ask Arvind who will leave? Ankit says Arvind will stay, Salman ask Arvind arent you missing your wife? Arvind says my wife had sent me here, she would be safe from snores for sometime, all laughs, Salman says ANKIT IS ELIMINATED, ARVIND IS SAFE, all cries, Roopal cries too, Arvind hugs Ankit and cries, Ankit leaves house.

Salman says Ankit left house and went to media people, lets see what happened there.

Media person ask Ankit that Suyyash is your friend and nominated so you feel betrayed? Ankit says you cant be neutral in this house but i did feel little betrayed, media person asks you had controversies, Ankit says now people know me, i cant fake in house 24*7 so now they dont know me from articles, media person says you had controversies, Roopal in house but you didnt use them, Ankit says if i am out of house then people may say that i am not gamer, i didnt act in house, i was what i am.

Ankit comes on stage, Ankit says to Salman that one week was not less that 3months in house for me, Salman says Ankit is eliminated, now we will what happens next house in house.

BB9 Week 1 Eviction : Ankit Gera Evicted From Bigg Boss House

PRECAP – Bigg boss says to inmates that they have to decide who will be nominated from pair, pairs have to discuss and decide which partner will nominate himself/herself from nominated pair. Mandana says to Keith that i am not going to brainwashed by your talks. Roopal says to Digangana that i dont want to become sacrificing queen, what is logical decision? later bigg boss says that Keith, Suyyash, Digangana and Prince have to bid to get inmates luggage, the highest three bids will be summed and total bid will be minus-ed from shows winning amount that is 50,00,000/- . Digangana says to inmates that this not task to do physically or mentality, this is money oriented, Roopal says to Kishwar and Suyyash that you all have to fight in all tasks, Prince says you were sitting calmly in last task.

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