Bigg Boss 9 Prince Nora Romantic Date Priya Rishabh Fight 18 Dec 2015 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 Prince Nora Romantic Date Priya Rishabh Fight 18 Dec 2015 Written Updates :- Its 10th week in the controversial Bigg Boss house where we have a new captain Prince Narula as he defeated Rishabh in a task in the previous episode now its time for 68th day of BB9 where a lot of drama, romance and fights have happened all of which will play a crucial role in the coming evictions of the show.


On day 68 Bigg Boss gave a task where all the girls of the house to impress Captain Prince Narula and we will reveal who wins date with Prince task of Bigg Boss 9 also what happened on day 68 in BB9 :

Bigg Boss 9 Day 68 Happenings

On day 68 in Bigg Boss 9 housemates wake up on morning song Chal Chhaiya chhaiya from Dil Se

Early in the morning Mandana and Gizele had a conversation in the garden area where Mandy told Gizele that she don’t like when she talks with the members of the cool group.

Priya told Rochelle and Kishwer in a conversation that Mandana is faking her friendship with Gizele as she only wants to get footage out of it as she knows that Gizele is going to get evicted very soon.

Later in the day Rishabh and Priya had a fight in the kitchen where Priya confronts Rishabh about why he was being so rude to her in the past few days to which he replied that you gave my protein and jacket to Bigg Boss as a punishment when you were captain which I didn’t like. Priya said that my suitcase is also gone so what.

Bigg Boss shows inmates their stuff which different captains have given to bigg boss as punishment to inmates, now inmates have chance to get it back. Bigg boss ask captain Prince who deserve to get his/her most? Prince says Priya doesnt have her bag as i gave it away earlier so she is taking clothes from others so i wanna give her name.

Bigg Boss ask him to give two more names, Prince gives Rishab and Kishwar’s name. bigg Boss ask Priya, Rishab and Kishwar to go to double trouble room.

In double trouble room Bigg Boss gave them 4 options which are as follows :

1. if one of them presses the button then he or she will get stuff back while other two will not get it.

2. if two of them presses the button then the one who didnt press button will get things.

3. if three of them presses the button then they will not get their things back and also each of them will have to give one more thing.

4. if none of them presses button then they will not get anything and one more inmate will have to give his/her whole stuff to bigg boss too

Rishab, Priya and Kishwar comes back in lounge, bigg boss says in double trouble room Priya and Kishwar pressed buttons so they will not get their things and Rishab didnt press button so Rishab will get his stuff from store room. Rishab comes in store room and takes his protein shake

Kishwar says to Priya that I thought you would not press button and Rishab would do it so you will get your bag, Priya says I am not concerned about my bag that much

Bigg Boss introduces a task where all the girls in the house have to impress Captain Prince and whoever wins will go on a romantic date with him

Nora Fatehi wins Date with Prince Task

After the task Priya and Manadana had a fight in the kitchen over cooking and later Rishabh involves himself in the brawl as Mandana doesn’t wants Priya to help her in making the food

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