Bigg Boss 9 Nominations Special Episode Monday Bags Auction Fights Twists 19 October 2015 Written

As we already seen how Ankit Gera got evicted from Bigg Boss 9 earlier this Sunday now its time for another round of nominations and lets see which contestants are going to be lucky enough to escape public voting and who is going to be in danger zone in the second week.


BB9 Nominations Special Episode

Day 8


Arvind is in washroom and says no one is there to talk to me, Ankit use to keep speaking something or other, he misses him and goes to washroom, he cries.

Meri jaan mujhe khabar hai morning song, all contestants wake up and dances together.


Keith ask Rimi what you want? i am going in kitchen, i will bring fruits, Mandana ask Rimi, Rochelle what they want from kitchen, rochelle says apple. Keith and Mandana comes in kitchen, Mandana says i told you that make your gf understand things, Keith says you are misunderstanding things, she just asked me to get apple, she isnt like this at all.


Prince and Suyyash says Arvind, digangana, Roopal, Aman, Kishwar are nice,w we will not nominate them, we cant nominate Vikas and Yuvika, Rochelle and Rimi are left.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations, all pairs will nominate others, Arvind is not in pair so he can be nominated separately considering him as pair, Vikas and Yuvika are captains so cant nominate them, he calls Keith and Mandana in confession room.

KEITH and MANDANA: bigg boss ask them to nominate two pairs. Keith says to Mandana that you dont get along with Kishwar and Aman doesnt do any work, Mandana says Suyyash has taunted me alot, i dont like him. they nominate KISHWAR-AMAN, PRINCE-SUYYASH.

PRINCE and SUYYASH: Prince says Rochelle is nice but Rimi wants to leave. we dotn talk to Keith much. they nominate KEITH-MANDANA, RIMI-ROCHELLE.

ROCHELLE and RIMI: Rochelle says Kishwar voice opinions in everyone’s matter but cant speak infront of Aman, she tries to portray Aman as bad person, Rimi says Digagana and Roopal are not player. they nominate KISHWAR-AMAN, ROOPAL-DIGAGANA.

ROOPAL-DIGANGANA: they say Suyyash get angry in tasks, Roopal says Prince is full of himself, he is like i me myself, Digagana says Rimi is not trying to cut herself from outside. they nominate SUYYASH-PRINCE, RIMI-ROCHELLE.

VIKAS-YUVIKA: they says Rimi wanna leave and Aman seems manipulative. they nominate RIMI-ROCHELLE, AMAN-KISHWAR.

AMAN-KISHWAR: they says Mandana is stubborn and doesnt listen to anyone, also Digagana and Roopal are not getting along well. they nominate MANDANA-KEITH, DIGAGANA-ROOPAL.

Arvind: he says Rimi is bringing negativity, also Suyyash gets personal so he nominates RIMI-ROCHELLE, SUYYASH-PRINCE.

Bigg boss says NOMINATED PAIRS are RIMI-ROCHELLE, SUYYASH-PRINCE, AMAN-KISHWAR, ROOPAL-DIGAGANA. Bigg boss says this time, pair will not be nominated but one person from pair will be nominated, pairs have to decide who they want to nominate from both partners, pairs have to discuss and decide which partner will nominate himself/herself from nominated pair.

Keith says to Mandana that i feel i will be safe so i am ready to nominate myself, Mandana says i feel you have fan following but i have enjoyed my journey here, i have done exciting work so i can nominate myself too, Keith says i dont want my partner to rely on me.

Aman says to Kishwar that i am ready to nominate myself, she says i dont care, i can nominate myself too.
Suyyash says to Prince that i was nominated last week and got saved so now you should see by nominating yourself.
Roopal says to Digagana that i dont want to become sacrificing queen, i have no problem leaving this show but we should think logically.

bigg boss ask pairs who they want to nominate from pairs. Rimi says i will nominate myself as Rochelle wanna stay and i wanna leave. Prince says Suyyash was nominated last week so i will nominate myself this time, AMan says i will nominate myself not Kishwar, Roopal says i nominate myself saving Digagana, Mandana says i nominate myself because Keith have many reasons to stay here so i dont want my partner to leave, our pair has connection from heart and mind both, i cannot decide from my heart and mind, Keith says logically the one who has more chance to get saved should be nominated so i should get nominated and this heart decision too, he takes Mandana aside and says i have prayed, lets leave decision on God, we will give name by tossing the pillow, he hugs Mandana, she cries, he gives one side to Mandana and takes one side of pillow to himself, he tosses it and Mandana’s side come so they decide to nominate Mandana, Mandana says to bigg boss that i nominate myself.


Digangana says to Roopal that its all about sacrificing, first we had to sacrifice bags now this nomination thing, Roopal says i want to play but we had to nominate so i nominated myself.
Vikas says to Yuvika that Aman wanted to show that he great by sacrificing and giving his name, Kishwar was surprised when he gave his name.


Bigg boss calls Digangana, Prince, Keith and Suyyash on dining table, he ask them to open their belts and come, they go and sit there, Bigg boss says you havent got your bags, bigg boss says that Keith, Suyyash, Digangana and Prince have to bid to get their luggage, the highest three bids will be summed and total bid will be minus-ed from shows winning amount that is 50,00,000/- . Keith ask if this is applicable for all inmates, Bigg boss says whoever will win this show will get winning amount after minus-ing this bid, you all have to write greater than 3lacs. they all write their bid.

Bigg boss ask them to show bid, Keith writes 0 and says 3lacs is much amount and i dont want winner to lose it, Prince says i thought it will get cut from my winning amount but now its clear that whoever will win the show will get less amount, i cant do this with others, i have to write again, bigg boss ask him to show bid he has written, Prince says i wrote 30,0000/- because i have not come here to win money but it will be bad for other, Suyyash sees his board and says you have written one zero less so its 3lacs, Digangana has written 4lacs, Suyyash has written 33,3333, he says its my lucky number, all laughs, all are confused about the task, Bigg boss scold them that they should listen carefully when task is read out to them, he says Suyyash, Prince and Digangana have bid highest so they will get their bags and 10,33,333 will be minus from 50,00,000, now winning amount is 39,66,667. all are sad.

Keith ask them to now feel bad, Kishwar says bag for 10lacs? this is stupid task, Yuvika says for some money matters and for others it doesnt, Rochelle says suppose if all had written 0 then nothing would have minus-ed, Kishwar says even then 9lacs would have been cut from money as 3lacs was minimum, Keith says he said that our bids would be considered only if we write 3lacs or above, we all should have written 0, Digangana says this is not task, this is not physical, not mentality, its money oriented, Prince says we have sacrificed our bags even then we are caught in this stupid task, Roopal says why you all have to fight in all tasks, Kishwar and Suyyash do all this for footage ,,

Suyyash, Prince and Digangana gets their bags.
Keith says dont take it to heart Prince, we didnt understand task nicely, Kishwar says they have snatched our bags initially now forcing us to buy it for 9lacs, Keith says it was not written in contract that winning amount is 50,00,00.

Roopal says to Mandana that Prince is acting, Keith asked clearly if will get cut from any winner’s amount and bigg boss said yes even then Prince wrote the amount and acting like i didnt know about it, i thought it will get cut from my amount only.
Digangana says to Roopal that you felt guilty when my bag was crushed but you didnt shout, why Prince is shouting like that, Aman hugs her, Kishwar says it was not only Prince but many didnt understand the task like Digangana too, Keith is repenting for not getting the luggage, Rochelle comes and says Keith is not repenting. Keith comes and hugs Rochelle.

Suyyash says to Keith that why Roopal was saying that i do things for footage, she didnt talk to Ankit nicely then she was shedding tears when he left, what was that for? it was for footage but i didnt get in all this, Keith says i am just saying that you should be polite when you talk to girls,Mandana says Roopal was wrong, Keith says i am just saying Suyyash is nice guy and he shouldnt get angry on girls like this.

Prince says to Suyyash that Keith and Rochelle try to romance, they talk with eyes, they must have some plan, if they are genuine with lovey dovey things then fine but if they are faking it then they will be caught as they cant fake it for 3months, also if by chance Rochelle get eliminated then we will see if their is scene between Mandana and Keith, Suyyash says dont know Rochelle and Keith’s relation is new.

Keith says to Mandana that those who were saying that money doesnt matter to them, it got clear in today’s task when they were going mad for money getting 10 lacs less.


Vikas ask Rimi why you wanna leave? Rimi says i got negative vibes from this house, i wanted to experience it but the time i entered this house, i knew i dont belong to here, Kishwar ask from which inmate you get negative vibes? Rimi says not from any inmate but from bigg boss, all laughs, Vikas ask it is said that you want money from bigg boss, Rimi ask are you in your senses to ask me this, havent you seen my footages, all laughs, Aman ask what you wanna say to bigg boss, Rimi says i hope bigg boss 10 doesnt start, two or three contestants should go through mental trauma that the show gets banned, aman says when bigg boss started speaking, you said he started barking again, Rimi says when bigg boss starts speaking, i make poker face like he started again, all laughs, Rimi says nothing can start in bigg boss, its finishing point, i would suggest to all to not come in bigg boss, dont come here to earn money.

Kishwar says he decreases his own price money by making us do tasks, Rimi says they take our luggage, dont give us food etc, Vikas says your fans have voted for you, Rimi says i would trash them as they voted for me to stay here, when they are supposed to do anything then they dont and when they arent supposed to do anything then they are doing it, they have forced me to stay in this hell, i dont want money, bigg boss can keep it.


Roopal says to someone that i would have taken my bag by bidding and i would have openly said that i wanted my bag, we all are here to play game for ourselves, i am personality, my fans want me to see nicely so i need my bag, so why fake like Prince that he didnt want others winning amount to get less and then got his bag too, Keith asked clearly but Prince acted like he didnt understand anything, he acts so mature but Digangana was more sensible than him whom he call kid.

PRECAP – Bigg boss gives luxury budget task, task name is “lagaan’, all inmates have to give lagaan(tax) to landlords Aman and Kishwar to get necessities of house. In confession room, Bigg boss says to Aman and Kishwar that if you win the task then you will free from pairing, you will get separate from each other. Keith says to Mandana that all you do is play your game, Mandana says i am not interested in this game, she opens belt and leaves, Keith comes to Mandana and says you push me alot, i roam around you like a dog but you dont understand it as its in your blood, Mandana says if you are so miffed with me then change your partner, Keith says bigg boss change my partner if you can. Mandana and Keith sit facing backs to each other and not showing face to each other.

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